2 Step Strategy to Create Permanent Comment Backlinks

Creating comment backlinks is crucial for SEO and rankings of every website on internet. But most face a lot of difficulties in creating and making them permanent do-follow backlinks. There are two main kinds of comment backlinks;

  1. White hat comment backlinks
  2. Black hat comment backlinks
White Hat Comment Backlinks

Usually known as positive comments, because they are pure, relevant and sense creating SEO friendly comments. Possibly with do-follow backlinks of site if needed for the topic being discussed in that post. Else just commenting with no-follow backlinks is enough for your site to rank.

Black Hat Comment Backlinks

Also described as negative comments which are so harmful for a site’s ranking and considered as one of the bad SEO practices. Google penalize websites which uses black hat comments to rank. These backlinks effect both predatory and host sites in reverse which results in sudden drop in site’s ranking and organic traffic.

Following are some types of black hat commenting;
  • Using repeated keywords in comments
  • Only sharing URL of links in comments without describing and aligning their purpose with the topic/article being discussed above
  • Use of non-visible color for text or targeted keywords
  • Hidden coding or links in the comment box
  • Comments not relevant to the content are also considered as part of black hat practices
2 step strategy to Create Permanent Comment Backlinks
2 step strategy to Create Permanent Comment Backlinks

So positive backlinking is recommended for and from everyone in this business. While Google hate black hat comments, because these are against the search guidelines provided by google itself.

That’s why we are here to avoid fire backs from google by creating white hat comment backlinks in just three simple steps.

  1. Relevancy
  2. Accuracy and
  3. Affiliation

First, finding a relevant site or blog pops is mandatory to comment your site backlinks.

You can use PBN (Private blog networks) for commenting

  1. Go to google search bar and
  2. Search with key phrase relevant to your content.
  3. Open site links of videos, articles, and images in new tabs
  4. Follow the links and check if site permits you to comment

Always remember, you must go through the content on given blog post or other CMS sites. Learn the content on that site or page, then analyze it if its relevant and accurate for your post link.

Once you are done commenting relevant response then share your backlink in visual text form embedded with the link of your article. Never just paste the URL for any post.

Way of Embedding link code in a key phrase

 Use to below code to embed key phrase of your post or page.

<a href= “your site URL in between these commas”> put your targeted key phrase here </a>

Just like the below example of key phrase with embedded code;

<a href= “https://marketingskull.com/solved-case-study-work-life-balance-at-baxter-answers/”> Work life balance at baxter case study solution </a>

But keep in mind that your comment link must help the visitors looking for that topic/content to be explored more.

2 step strategy to Create Permanent Comment Backlinks
2 step strategy to Create Permanent Comment Backlinks

If you really implemented the above two step strategy, then it’s enough for your backlinks to stay permanent on a site. Before going for with the 3rd step make sure that you’ve clearly understand and very well used the first two steps.

But if in any case, that site owner held your comments for moderation because he/she do like to have your links even your responsive well-structured comment. Then you can ask him for no-follow comment allowance. Or you could make him allow your comments in following ways.

  1. Offer exchange of comment backlinks with relevant and equal DA, PA sites.
  2. Or ask for the requirements/criteria for having your backlink comments on their site.
  3. Might possible if that site is interested in some other country traffic, so it will be a good opportunity for you to drive a specific country’s traffic to their site. In return you will get permanent contextual backlinks.
  4. By offering them a few relevant subscribers is also a good strategy.

If nothing worked, then observe, analyze their site’s traffic and find their gaps by comparing site traffic with competitors. Use their competitive advantage as your opportunity, then make a valuable proposal for that site which they can’t refuse.

If you got any better ideas, feel free to share with us via comments so everyone could get benefits from your ideas.

Important Tip;

I will suggest not to hire any SEO and rank builder in days or any other backlinks providing companies in the market. Their low-quality backlinks might backfires and drop your domain authority and site’s ranking.


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