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Brand’s Pricing Strategy to Enter in Small Markets

Brand's Pricing Strategy to Enter in Small Markets

How Brando Wears set up the pricing strategy? Brando wears checks on the market value of the material required to make the product. And then forecast the pricing strategy of the brand. While some costs are fixed. For example, if we are manufacturing a pant. We will check how much leather is required, how much other fabric/Cloth …


Stallion Power LLC Pricing Strategy in Pakistan

About the Company Stallion Power LLC is a Dubai (UAE) based company to manufacture and exporter of electronic, Caterpillar, iPad parts, iPad parts, iPad parts, OE-M’s (Original Equipment Manufacturer). We are now looking for the new design and manufacture of engines. Presently, our range is gone for the rural, development, modern, control age, and material …


How to Promote and advertise a Photography Business

In this article we will suggest different promotional mix tools to promote a photography business. Direct Marketing For direct marketing use pamphlets, brochures and leaflets. We will also suggest doing direct marketing by giving customers their visiting cards and various types of packaging. Sales Promotion Provide seasonal discounts and packages for sales promotions such as …


Pricing Strategy of Nestle Pakistan and Faw Motors

Nestle Pure Life Pricing Strategy How many products do offer by your organisation in Pakistan? Ans: According to the company representative the company almost deals in 88 % of its total products in Pakistan. How pricing was set in your organisation? Ans: Firstly, the taxes were finalised with the government by the legal advisers of …


Effects of Drugs Among Youngsters

The use of drugs among youngsters is very common nowadays. The young generation is the worst victim of drug addiction.  The effects of drugs are extremely harmful. They gradually fade away the sanity of a person. Curiosities, desire for pleasure, social excommunication, mental gap, lack of self-reliance are some of the reasons why youngsters became …


Murree Brewery Pricing Strategy | An Interview-Based Survey

Introduction to Company Murree Brewery Co. Ltd was established in 1860. It’s the first modern beer breweries established in Asia. Its Alcoholic products were popular among British troops. Soon with the passage of time, brewery non-alcoholic products and beverages became popular. Currently, non-Muslims and foreigners are permitted to consume alcohol. The company continuously upgraded its …


Impact of Foreign Currency Change in Setting Price with Example of Bestway Cement

Price Setting Mechanism Market information is gathered by marketers on a daily basis from ongoing projects, retail shops, cement plants, and other sales representatives. After having a detailed assessment, knowing the competitors, brand position, local home market, and future prospects a proposal is made and sent to line managers. The line managers compare it with …

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