3 Stages of Project Success Criteria Implementation

3 Stages of Project Success Criteria Implementation

3 Stages of Project Success Criteria Implementation

3 Stages of Project Success Criteria Implementation
3 Stages of Project Success Criteria Implementation
3 Stages of Project Success Criteria

Success of a Project is measurable at three Stages:

  1. Stage 1 (Output): Successful completion of Project in terms of Sextuple Constraints (Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Resources, and Risk)
  2. Stage 2 (Outcome): Successful Project Outcomes using product the project has produced, like Stakeholder & Customer satisfaction
  3. Stage 3 (Impact): Successful Impacts/Benefits accruing from the Project or the Product the Project has produced, like meeting Strategic Business Objectives or Benefits Realization; etc.

Now consider the following Project below.

Closing the Project

After the Deliverable (or the final Deliverable) has been accepted by the Customer, the process of finalizing all activities for the project, phase, or contract starts, which includes:

  • Confirming the delivery and formal acceptance of Deliverables by the Customer
  • Making certain that all Documents and Deliverables are up-to-date and that all issues are resolved
  • Ensuring that all Costs are charged to the Project, closing project Accounts
  • Reassigning/reallocating Project Resources (Project Team, facilities equipment, etc.); dealing with excess project Material
  • Soliciting Customer’s feedback about the Project
  • Completing the final Project Reports in accordance with by the Organizational policies; indexing and arching Records; gathering final Lessons learned
Project Case Example
3 Stages of Project Success Criteria Implementation

Project:  Water Filtration Plant for a Housing Estate

  1. Project Objectives
  2. Provide potable water to the residents.
  3. Reduce, and eventually eliminate, risk of waterborne diseases to the residents
  4. Project Scope

Build a Water Filtration Plant to serve a community of 10,000 people. The plant to produce 10,000 liters of water daily. Testing lab not included in the project. Water to be tested at the city’s central testing lab

  1. Budget of the Project
  • Rs 10 million
  1. Project Duration
  • One year
  1. Project Quality
  • Filtered water to meet WHO standards for potable water
  1. Resources Allowed
  • Plot of land and utilities, including input water, to be provided by the management of the Housing State
  1. Risks Involved
  • Contamination of water while in the feed/supply pipelines.
Project Success Criteria in Public Sector Projects of Pakistan

Pakistan Public Sector Projects are planned, managed, monitored, controlled and closed through the system of PC (Planning Commission) Forms, numbered 1 to 5, with PC-3 further designated as PC-3A and PC-3B.  Project Success Criteria is inherent in these forms, provided they are completed honestly.

PC-1 & References to Project Benefits/Success
  1. Name of the Project
  2. Location
  3. Authority responsible for Sponsoring, Execution, Operation and Maintenance
  4. Plan Provision
  5. Project Objectives and its relationship with Sectoral Objectives
  6. Description, Justification and Technical Parameters
  7. Capital Cost Estimates
  8. Annual Operating and Maintenance Cost after completion of the project
  9. Demand and Supply analysis
  10. Financial Plan and Mode of Financing
  11. Project Benefits & Analysis
  12. Two parts
    1. Implementation Schedule
    2. Result Based Monitoring (RBM) Indicators
  13. Management Structure and manpower requirements including Specialized skills during execution and operational phases
  14. Additional Projects/Decisions required to maximize Socio-Economic Benefits from the proposed Project
  15. Certificate to correct preparation
3 Stages of Project Success Criteria Implementation


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