3 Ways to Improve E-Commerce Website Search Ranking

This article will discuss optimization methods to increase search ranking from three directions:

  1. Speed ​​optimization
  2. Conversion rate optimization
  3. Content optimization
1. Speed ​​optimization

I don’t know if you still remember, the first half of the introduction of e-commerce consumer psychology mentioned that the speed of a website will affect consumers’ willingness to shop; similarly, the speed of a webpage will also affect consumers’ choice to continue using the website as information The decision of the receiving source. For example, when computers first came out, the most commonly used web browser, IE, was about to be eliminated by the times; in modern times, people have long replaced it with other better search engines such as Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Time is money. No one thinks of waiting for a webpage to wait until it is old. If the website you usually use is slow to open, even if it is set up by your best friend, you will eventually switch to other competitors. To collect information.

According to a survey of online consumers, 47% of consumers expect web page reading speed to be completed in 2 seconds or less; if the web page waits for more than 3 seconds, 40% will choose to leave. website.

Page load time impact on conversion rate

Another study also pointed out that the average page load time has an impact on the conversion rate. As shown in the figure below, you can clearly see that the conversion rate increases when the page reading speed is about 2 seconds, but as the reading time taken is longer, and the conversion rate drops by 6.7%/sec.

QuBit’s survey of 60,000 consumers in 80 websites also found that the web page read speed was too slow, costing retailers a billion dollars. “Hundreds of thousands of up and down in a second”, if it is true, it will reduce website visits by 11%, reduce consumer satisfaction by 16%, and reduce the conversion rate by 7%, so the delay of only one second The impact may be huge.

Speed ​​is the first impression given to potential readers/consumers, and the optimization of speed is closely related to the design of the website. Want to have a gorgeous design on your website so that consumers are impressed by your website, but the page reads slowly? It is better to choose a simple, fast, and easy-to-browse minimalist design style to provide a better experience.

Slow speed websites impact on SEO

In addition, Google also dislikes the slow speed of websites, because when their own search engine is slower than other competitors, users will switch to other browsers. Therefore, starting in 2011, Google has also rewarded users for accelerating the reading speed of their own web pages and launched a new optimization program (Page Speed ​​Tool). The speed of the website is one of the reasons that affect Google search rankings. The top three search engines have 33%, 18%, and 11% traffic respectively.

If you want to create more website traffic, you must optimize your web page speed to open within 2 seconds.

How can I improve my web page speed?

You can use the free software Wichloadsfaster to measure the time it takes to read your current website and compare it with your competitors; Pingdom further tests the time spent in every detail when reading the website, and you can see clearly Which part of the website is slowing down the reading speed, and ask engineers to solve related problems. It is like optimizing the front-end code of the website, such as reducing JavaScript, reducing http requests, using image sprites, etc., or upgrading a faster server.

  1. Conversion rate optimization

Remember the flowchart at the beginning? From ranking → traffic → conversion rate.

  • After surging website traffic, the accompanying question is how to effectively convert traffic into conversion rate.
  • First, you must know the channels through which consumers connect to your website, because different sources have different conversion rates.

Although the conversion rate is a key performance indicator (KPI) that can be used as a forecast for consumption, when consumers initially visit your webpage, most of them will not be interested in your products or services from the beginning, because they are also Coming to your website by chance, unless your website information is very compelling, it is difficult to get consumers to act at the beginning. Therefore, a smarter way is to establish a layer-by-layer strategy for conversion rates to educate and motivate consumers, and finally persuade them to use or buy your product or service.

  1. Content optimization

How to use content marketing to build brand loyal customers has been mentioned many times in the previous articles (basic skills, actual combat), in order to increase search engine rankings, website traffic, and effective conversion rates, and provide valuable Content information is of course indispensable.

However, the attention of ordinary readers is declining. Compared with the past “reading”, people are moving towards a shorter reading direction-“scanning”. In 2013, the average human attention was 8 seconds, 5 seconds less than in 2000, and 1 second less than goldfish. But you have a chance to make a deep impression in 3-5 seconds.

Content Optimization Process Steps

Content optimization can be divided into <Website Design> and <Website Content>

(1) Website design
  • Simple and consistent
  • Hierarchical and there is room for blank
  • Color: limited use of colors, too colorful will lose focus
  • Make good use of practical gadgets: such as images, various plug-in functions
  • It is simple, intuitive to use, easy to share and track
(2) Website content
  • Title
  • Subject Objective
  • Action button! Call to Action
  • Long-tail Key Words
  • Format

How to make the title successfully bring more traffic, conversion rate and even revenue to the website? The results of Nielson’s eye tracking survey of web browsers found that:

  • You have 10-20 seconds for the headline to have an impact on people
  • Readers like to provide clear advantages or more detailed content and straightforward headlines
3 Ways to Improve E-Commerce Website Search Ranking
3 Ways to Improve E-Commerce Website Search Ranking


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