4 Major Amazon Upselling Techniques

4 Major Amazon Upselling Techniques
4 Major Amazon Upselling Techniques

I have mentioned the six laws of e-commerce consumer psychology and Amazon Bundle techniques. The two themes are closely related to Upselling, which combines bundling techniques with consumer psychology. In addition to cross selling (Cross selling), it can also take advantage of the pursuit to recommend higher-end products of a specific product or service, purchased goods or other products or services that can enhance the original function and purpose of the product to consumers.

Life examples of upsell:

Suppose it costs 25 million yuan to buy a house, and the salesperson will often use up-selling to tell consumers that the original price of the parking space is 800,000 yuan. If the house is bought together with the parking space, only an additional 500,000 yuan is needed. Compared with the price of the house, the cost of parking space seems insignificant, and the price now is also cheap, so consumers can easily “buy at a higher price”.

4 main Upselling Techniques of Amazon

Amazon has launched a tying scheme since 2006, which has increased its revenue by 35%. This article analyzes the main four Amazon Upselling techniques, allowing you to operate an e-commerce website as an increase in sales. For reference, they are:

  1. Deliver relevant, useful and valuable messages
  2. Use visual cognitive psychology
  3. Provide services beyond expectations and irresistible temptations
  4. Upgraded membership services that increase consumer participation

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This has a lot to do with the content marketing (basic skills, actual combat). The difference from the traditional consumer market is that traditional physical retailers cannot proactively provide consumers with relevant product information, and at most can only sell products in combination. For example, according to the business strategy of each brand, the store may pack shampoo and conditioner together for sale, but it is not possible to recommend consumers other more related products under each different product category, or allow consumers to consume The person knows which products other customers have bought.

According to research conducted by Harvard Business School, a combination of products can reduce the time it takes for consumers to decide to buy; in other words, consumers will check out in a shorter time and the probability of impulsive purchases will increase. From a psychological point of view, this is because when two or more products are sold together, they can increase people’s perceived value and the AOV (Average Order Value) of a specific product.

Therefore, if online sellers are willing to spend a little more time to understand the needs of customers, achieve a seamless connection between products and products, and recommend products with actual needs for consumers, then the return rate of customers can be improved.

For example, when consumers buy digital single-lens cameras, they actively recommend that consumers buy a combination of high-speed memory cards and original batteries, or products such as camera cleaning kits, camera straps, and protective lenses, and indicate that they can be bought together now. Starting with these products at a more favorable price, how many% of the cost can be saved to stimulate consumer desire.

Some websites may recommend consumers some products that are discounted on the day, but if consumers just want to buy a certain type of goods, they will sometimes feel uncomfortable with the sudden promotion; like a consumer who wants to buy a Bluetooth headset, it turns out to be upsell The recommended product is car audio, consumers may give you a wink and want to switch stores in seconds. Therefore, it is not arbitrarily imposing a product that the seller wants to recommend to the consumer, and the consumer will buy it. If the operation is not good, it is likely to have adverse effects. In addition to the above-mentioned up-sells, there are also website optimizations after analyzing consumer behaviors to make consumer recommendations: “People who browse this product also buy/browse what they bought…”.

The key to the success of upsell here is to provide consumers with practical and valuable information, so that consumers can obtain the products they want to buy through the information provided on the website, and even better and more cost-effective products.


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