4 Simple Pinterest Marketing Tips for Beginners

1. Provide richer and effective information in Pinterest photos

For example, real-time price information, where to buy goods, descriptions of product characteristics, etc. If consumers have the function of using the product bulletin board, they will also take the initiative to inform users when the price of the product drops by more than 10%.

2. Integrate photos from many different situations into one picture and publish on the bulletin board

The step-by-step manufacturing or production process of food or handicrafts can trigger consumers’ urge to buy.

3. Actively guide (potential) consumers to Pinterest

If you want to attract more followers, whether it is an existing customer group or a potential customer group, you can use a variety of ways to inspire consumers to take action, such as email promotion, video promotion, login Pinterest and other ways to give membership points. Try to actively guide consumers to the Pinterest page, so that consumers will have more curiosity about your brand or products and take the initiative.

4. Bulletin boards with different themes are opened according to different customer groups

For example, Nike has added different bulletin boards for different user groups. Based on Pinterest’s main customer group is women, Nike opened a Nike Woman account, using female athletes to endorse Nike brand clothing, with inspirational mottos in the brand Among the accessories, it also serves as the main feature of their advertising content. Like Twitter users, famous sayings and sayings of “call to action” are often shared. In addition to promoting consumers’ awareness of the brand, Nike’s marketing method also brings consumers more attention to the brand.

Users usually like to “pin” their favorite themes on their bulletin boards as indicators of future purchases, such as a long-term wish list and a source of purchase inspiration, so if your bulletin board looks attractive enough, Unique enough, it may also attract the attention of users and increase traffic and purchase popularity.

However, Pinterest, like other social networking sites, will have information overload, so how to use some small methods to ensure that your bulletin board can stay on the consumer’s preference bulletin board for a longer time and bring higher points Reading rate, switch to shopping in your mall?

Tip for you:

When choosing a social network site, please consider the characteristics of each social network site again and again, and you must also know where you are in the market, so that you can use the most effective way to get the most economic benefits!


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