7 Digital Marketing Techniques Critical for all Businesses

In the sea of ​​information explosion, how do you start your online profitable business through online marketing? What resources do you have available? What internet marketing techniques do you need to know? And this article sorted out 7 areas of online marketing must learn, to help you quickly understand how to get from beginner to expert in the field of online marketing.

Judging from the survey below, you will find that online marketing either costs money or time. The vertical axis on the left shows the difficulty of the process from top to bottom, and you can first evaluate what you can do, what you can do, and how much time and money you have to budget.

  1. SEO

The so-called search engine optimization is: When users enter relevant keywords in Google search, your website will appear in the top few search results. According to statistics, 50% of users will click on the results of the first two search engines.

Therefore, if your website content is good enough, you have the right keywords, and through search engine optimization, you have a chance to make your website Get more exposure, and therefore attract potential consumers.

The well-known SEO master Brian Dean once shared a method of how to quickly grab the Google search engine ranking in your niche market, and tell you step by step how to execute it. Proceed as follows:

First, you can find a topic that is popular but not so easy to understand, and then find out if anyone on the Internet has made a relatively simple, clear, and understandable infographic about the information. If not, then congratulations, your chance is here!

Niche Market SEO Tools
  1. Make relevant infographics, topic comments, and blind spots
  2. Find relevant opinion leaders and websites, and share your self-made information
  3. Do everything possible to let you create content that can reach more people and be shared by more people
  4. When sharing, please type in the link to the sharer to connect back to your website, blog, or platform

Of course, the prerequisite for this is that you have been running your own website for a period, and you have a business model of the main planning website to have a chance of success.

For example, you are a cosmetic brand just starting out or an amateur who is interested in beauty. Because your skin is very sensitive, you are very picky about the quality of cosmetics on the market. Therefore, if you have used detailed comparative information on various types of products of the more well-known brands on the market in the past, then you can make a comparative infographic to tell those users who have the same troubles as you on the Internet. Testimony of your use.

To make the website appear on the first page of search results, in fact, there is a lot of work to be done, and it is a continuous and cumulative process. (Hope to be able to get rich overnight without work is a naive idea!) If your website is completed today, with no content at all, you can expect to bring thousands of dollars in the second day of opening. Natural search traffic is almost impossible!


  1. Content Marketing

The essence of content marketing: Provide your potential customers with timely and valuable information.

Imagine that every time you encounter a bottleneck in marketing, just enter the relevant keywords to find a solution, and you will see that someone has helped you walk the road ahead, telling you how to take less detours and bring more Can you not rejoice with the high conversion rate? Not only can you save time when you want to break your head, but also solve the implementation problems for you. Through screenshots, text descriptions, and even videos, we will teach you step by step what to do and help you solve the problems. Creating content that helps solve potential customer problems is the best content marketing!

If you can find solutions for users’ difficulties in your niche market, and convert them into practical information sharing, it will be difficult for everyone to not admire you! Like… the way to soften the material, adjust the thickness of the model, the problems that may be encountered in mechanical automation… Don’t know what the market needs? You can go to online course networks like Udemy to see what are the popular topics that everyone wants to learn.

For example, there was a popular program in the past, called the King of Life Wisdom (it seems to expose your age to OMG). It teaches you many tips for house storage and cleaning. It is favored by many housewives, sometimes called children at home. Doing it together can also promote parent-child relationships.

And if you happen to be able to repair all kinds of electrical appliances and water pipes, you can be called the strongest plumber in history; or if you know how to open a glass can of beer when you don’t need a bottle opener or forget to bring a bottle opener, These and other small problems that people will encounter in life… If your content is systematic, exciting, and interesting, you will surely be able to gain popularity on the Internet soon.

However, in the same way, it takes a long period of time to slowly cultivate your readers. It’s like what the movies taught me, the unintentional cut-off of the two founders, apart from watching movies, they continue to create and share their feelings after watching movies on the Internet. After writing this way for 3 years, they published their first book in 2015, reaching 600,000 fans. They also published another book in 2016 and 2017.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Social media sites are like beasts. Their immense influence must be that you and I are all beneficiaries/victims (doubt?) In the market, in addition to Facebook, the leader in social media, there are also Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Google+, YouTube, Vine, LinkedIn, Reddit, etc. all have their own fans.

Gary Vaynerchuk is a well-known figure in social marketing on the Internet. He has been a best-selling author of the New York Times 4 times. He has more than 2 million followers on Facebook and Instagram, 1.53 million followers on Twitter, and nearly 780,000 subscribers to #askgaryvee show on YouTube. He focuses on a series of key questions and answers on business operations and marketing. The content is updated almost every day on weekdays. He also runs an American digital marketing company.

Gary’s wise saying is content must be generated in context.

This means that when you publish any content, you must consider the users of each social media platform and the content format they like. It’s like the age and content gaps and preferences between Facebook audiences and Instagram audiences; Facebook users are accustomed to viewing shorter content, while long-form information is presented in personal blogs or YouTube videos ;Vine, Twitter’s video platform, will be popular either as musicians or funny experts.

How do you get users’ attention within Vine’s 6-second time limit? Let the audience have strong sensory stimulation! Research, 99% of the first few well-known Vine channel characters are like funny experts, and the videos are funny and short.

Different from using social media as just a promotion channel, Gary believes that you should use the language that users are accustomed to on each platform to deliver your message in order to gain fans’ approval.

  1. Paid Advertising

Paid advertising can be divided into two types in simple terms. One is keyword advertising like Google AdWords and Amazon Sponsor Ads; the other is on social media, which will appear in the process of using the platform according to users’ preferences. advertising.

Google keyword ads and Amazon keyword ads are relatively “active” ads, because users search only when they are in a specific search context. For example, he wants to know how to make grandma’s lemon cake and how to check the cake on Google; for example, he recently wanted to buy a robot cleaner and find information about robot cleaners on Amazon.

Consumers generally make shopping decisions on the first page of search results, just as people looking for information on Google hope to find the answer, they want on the first search page or even the first three results. Therefore, it is important to try to make your webpage appear where users see it at first sight! In addition to the efforts of SEO, this also requires the assistance of paid advertising, so that you can get more people’s attention when you start to become obscured.

Therefore, both Amazon and Google use “keyword advertising” to win your ad space. Depending on the keywords you want to compete with, there will be different prices. When the keyword you want to compete with has more search volume, it means that the keyword may be more competitive. Therefore, in order to win the opportunity of advertising, the higher the advertising cost you need to invest.

Take “Su Yan Cream”, which has a fierce advertising campaign recently, you can see that its search volume in the Google engine averages 10,000 to 100,000 per month, and the level of competition is high. The keyword planning tool is still Will further give suggestions for bidding, and associated keywords.

In addition to keyword advertising, the biggest social media advertising overlords are Facebook and YouTube!

Facebook ads are classified according to your marketing goals, which are “brand awareness”, “intention to use” and “conversion action”. You can click on different types of ads by interacting with potential target audiences.

Compared with keyword advertising, this type of advertising is relatively passive. The so-called “passive” means that users appear on the page where they use the platform when they are not conscious of shopping (they have no active demand for goods, not actively searching for related words).

According to the demographic variables and preferences of the audience, they appear in the process of browsing the web. For example, Facebook ads will appear in the user’s browsing dynamics, the sidebar on the right side of Facebook, and in the video. YouTube is before watching the video and longer In the videos of, this part of the Google Multimedia Network ads can choose the presentation method of this kind of ads.

Although this is a “passive” advertisement, if you can accurately display your advertisement in front of the right audience, and supplement it with moving copywriting, pictures, and videos, the benefits that the advertisement can bring to you are Even more amazing!

If you want to know more about YouTube advertising, you can refer to It takes only 3 minutes to get started easily with YouTube advertising! In this article, first understand why you want to use YouTube ads, and the types of YouTube ads, and then take this YouTube advertising tutorial, learn to use AdWords to accurately place advertising videos, let you understand the operation methods of YouTube video ads, and tell you how to accurately lock Your main target audience and tips for optimizing YouTube ads.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing: Help businesses share product links. The more businesses earn, the more sharers earn. Affiliate marketing is also one of the most common “online earning” models used by online bloggers. It is an online marketing method that allows business owners and Internet celebrities to seek their own benefits and maximizes marketing benefits.

KOL opinion leaders on the Internet help you share products with more people and earn profit sharing through affiliate marketing links. He is happy.

You are very happy, because the efforts of the opinion leaders allow you to grow the size of your customers, and this may be that you can’t break through the bottleneck of conversion through other marketing methods.

And those promoted by opinion leaders may also be happy. Because they may be satisfied with the product or service being promoted, they may help you spread the “good news” for you, so that you can get more attention.

If you track many celebrities, internet celebrities, bloggers, then you must be no stranger to alliance marketing! It’s commonly known as the “promotion”. Everyone who promotes, endorses, or endorses it may have a specific set of discount codes. As long as you enter these bloggers, internet celebrities, and celebrities from the manufacturer during the event When you get a discount code, or purchase through a specific link to the promotion page of the event, the “spokespersons” can get a certain percentage of rebate.

Pat Flynn, a well-known foreign expert in alliance marketing, sells “informative/informative” products on third-party platforms. The first product he promoted was an online course that taught people how to pass the LEEDs exam for architects in the United States “Energy and Environmental Design”. This course has successfully helped many people pass the exam, and since then He also began to study other affiliate marketing products to promote on his platform. From 2008 to 2015, he earned $80,000 in passive income:

Merchants use online alliance marketing to give profits to the influencers and bloggers who help you promote. If they help the merchants to promote and make more money, the influencers who share the promotion link can make more money. It is a mutually beneficial symbiosis. concept. Good online alliance marketing can quickly increase product visibility and sales. The United States has Amazon Associate, and Taiwan has the channel king.

  1. Newsletter Email Marketing

Although social media has become a hot spot for marketing in the past two or three years, Facebook continues to introduce new features and new marketing methods. Whether it’s movies, live broadcasts or auction clubs, e-news let email marketing may not be the most fashionable marketing method, but it is still possible. Try the marketing method.

You may be wondering why every time you go to a new platform or website; the other party usually uses various methods to invite you to become a member, leaving your name and email information? In fact, these are all necessary means to be able to re-market! Of course, the premise still has a lot to do with the content of your website. If your website continues to provide users with affordable and valuable information, they will most likely want to subscribe to your newsletter. For example, you will tell him to remind him, air ticket discounts, merchandise promotions, limited edition discounts for e-newsletter subscribers…

  1. Chatbot

In the era of artificial intelligence, how can you miss chatbots? When you are still unknown, you may have a lot of time to reply to fan messages one by one; but when you have accumulated a large audience, you still have time to read every content carefully and reply slowly one by one? In addition, when users keep asking the same questions, don’t you find it annoying to answer the same content every time, or cut and paste the answer? Chatbots can save you a lot of time!

Taking Daamarketer as an example, there are often partners who have many questions about cross-border e-commerce, our service content, and sales on Amazon. Therefore, we have created a FAQ page (I have questions). However, many viewers know us through the fan page, and some customers come through the fan page. Therefore, we designed the Facebook Messenger chatbot to let more people besides like the fan page. There is also an opportunity to learn more about the business content of Daamarketer. In addition, we also invite users who visit the official Daamarketer website to download free e-books through dialogue with the chatbot.

Compared to Email, Messenger is a faster way to send and receive messages. Think about it, besides Facebook, do you usually spend a lot of time online? With chat bots, you can allow users to promote your products, services or websites 24 hours a day, regardless of time or area. Just take a moment to think about the chat bot’s conversation content, and then spend some time thinking about the content of the push After the rest, there is a chance to create an endless stream of orders and lists, why not do it?


After reading these 7 things that must be learned in online marketing, I believe you have sharpened your sword and are ready to start your journey from a beginner in online marketing to an expert! But… Daamarketer is here to remind you that when you learn the necessary knowledge of online marketing, if you don’t have an online marketing strategy, then it is likely to make you more effective! If you have all the knowledge of online marketing and use it with strategies, I believe you will be one step closer to the success of your online business!

7 Digital Marketing Techniques Critical for all Businesses
7 Digital Marketing Techniques Critical for all Businesses


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