9 Tips to Get Attention of Potential Site Users

The following uses Marketeingskull blog post as the main example, and provides a few tips to help you get the attention of potential site users more easily when you are under the heading:

  1. Concise and powerful (pure wool-30% off; final promotional offer; free e-newsletter subscription)
  2. State great interests (realize your dream of traveling around the world now! Blessed are lazy people!)
  3. Announce exciting news (MarketingSkull cross-border e-commerce successfully made Taiwanese brands sell well on Amazon)
  4. Start with “how” (how to start selling things on Amazon)
  5. Bring something provocative (five common mistakes Amazon sellers make that you should avoid)
  6. “Become”, “Do…”, “Don’t…” (Six rules for consumers to buy the secret)
  7. Provide useful information (former Amazon executive appeared to explain the e-commerce market sales strategy)
  8. Honest and enthusiastic words (Poo-Pourri used the brand story of “Girls do not smell bad” to achieve a sales miracle of over 10 million bottles of fragrances)
  9. Provide some additional information for your headline (the largest but most elusive consumer group to grasp the consumption trends of the millennial generation)
User management effects on search ranking

The title affects user engagement, and user engagement also effects the ranking of the site in search engines. According to Econsultancy’s research, the use of headlines to test user engagement can increase conversion rates by 28~32%.

So, if you have the opportunity, you can also test different product names or titles before the product launches. For example, simply use Google Forms to design a few related questions on major social media or platforms, and you can get a lot of free and valuable information.

The successful content optimization of a website must also be able to think from the perspective of potential customers and let people take action in a way that is more emotional than rational. As mentioned earlier, the title must be eye-catching to allow people to browse your website further, but in addition to the attractive title, the subject matter of the website is also very important.

For example, if you want to sell sports and leisure products, the content must be related to the products you want to sell. The management of blogs or fan groups is the same, and there must be consistency.


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