Amazon services expectations and irresistible temptations

Most consumers want to buy certain goods on Amazon, but they can use some small methods to entice consumers to stay on the web for a longer time. Part of the reason for the success of Amazon up-sell strategy is to provide ” Services beyond expectations”-an excellent strategy that can always convince consumers to buy.

Amazon’s up-sell strategy
  • Services beyond expectations can make consumers feel happy and build mutual trust and good reciprocal relationships. Therefore, many businesses will use “free shipping” services to attract consumers.
  • The figure below shows that the number of free shipping services provided by e-commerce companies is increasing over the years; in addition, studies have confirmed that free shipping will increase consumers’ purchases by 30%.
  • Regardless of whether you want to stimulate consumers’ desire to put products in their shopping carts or buy your products, provide a discount is too cost-effective.
Upselling vs consumer temptations

Up-selling is to provide customers with corresponding value in this way, so that consumers cannot resist the temptation of the industry. For example, buying a computer with a memory upgrade and a high-end keyboard and mouse set can not only save the corresponding amount, but also get free shipping services, making it difficult for consumers to refuse the goods or services you provide.

“Free shipping” is a common method used by the industry to promote sales; challenge yourself to achieve some other services that exceed consumers’ expectations, and with the temptation that consumers can’t resist, the prosperous performance will also be just around the corner.

Upgraded membership services that increase consumer participation

It is like a very competitive credit card company in real life, which uses different levels of credit cards (Platinum, Honor, Royal Seal…) to attract and meet the different needs of consumers; blogs come to online bookstores with different membership level discount systems (generally , Gold, platinum, diamonds) to provide consumers with different discount feedback programs.

And another Amazon upsell trick is a similar membership system. Amazon provides that consumers can upgrade to Amazon Prime members for only $99 a year, and this small action has brought unprecedented amazing results to Amazon.

Amazon members potential

Amazon Prime members have much higher potential than Non-Prime members in terms of.

  • Number of visits to Amazon each month
  • time spent browsing the website
  • Conversion rate
  • mount of purchase

In addition, the study also found that the number of cross comparisons between Prime members and various retailers is higher than that of Non-Prime members; this means that Prime members are very concerned about whether they really enjoy the benefits of becoming an Amazon Prime member, especially discounts. Offers.

For consumers, the benefits of becoming an Amazon Prime member are that they can shorten logistics time, consolidate orders to save shipping costs, or have gift wrapping services, 24-hour fast delivery services, etc.; for consumers who often shop on Amazon, Joining Prime membership is really economical and affordable. Therefore, Amazon will also specially mark “Prime” in the up-sell part to increase the desire of members to buy; in addition, it will also notify Prime members of relevant preferential information or promotions by email, so that members can respond every time. Go shopping on Amazon.

Amazon cross shipping

Soo for sellers on Amazon, you can use the logistics service FBA provided by Amazon, so that the product will be labeled with Prime next to it to increase the attractiveness of purchase, increase product exposure and consumer satisfaction. In view of the fact that FBA is a very reputable and fast Amazon logistics service, if consumers see that FBA assists in the delivery, they can secure 120 hearts, because FBA provides fast delivery (two days) and returns With guarantees, sellers can also promote consumption incentives and strive for higher sales. (Reference: Amazon FBA dominates the logistics artifact of cross-border e-commerce).

E-commerce Consumer Psychology

In fact, in addition to the above four Amazon upsell secrets, there are also two methods that have been mentioned in the Six Principles of E-commerce Consumer Psychology, which are rarity (limited time sales, display of available purchase quantities) And trust (star ratings, consumer reviews).

The reason why Amazon was able to achieve corresponding results in upsell is also because of the assistance of the above methods. When consumers search for products on Amazon, they will know that Amazon’s star ratings and consumer reviews can effectively screen them for good sellers or product quality; and the last countdown to rush to buy and supply is also a success The killer to persuade consumers to start quickly. For most consumers, if the particularity or accessibility of the product is relatively difficult, consumers will automatically add value to the value and uniqueness of the product, which is why the means of killing in a limited time often leads to high unit prices Of goods were spiked.

The above is how Amazon successfully created upsells. I hope you can also assist the current management methods and increase sales after learning these tips!


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