Analyzing Buying Behavior of Opposite Sex Customers

Analyzing Buying Behavior of Opposite Sex Customers

Analyzing Buying Behavior of Opposite Sex Customers

There are many ways to manage opposite genders buying behavior. But the question is how and why opposite gender customers behave difficulty. 

Key learning points from this article. 

  1. How opposite gender behave s as a customer
  2. Why opposite gender differently when shopping or continuously.
  3. What are the indicators of these different customer behaviors based on gender discrimination?
  4. Factors affecting gender-based pricing strategy
  5. What are the possible ways to;
  • Treat opposite gender customers
  • Aim their purchase behaviors
  • Manage their buying behaviors
  1. Possible alternate sales strategies to manage opposite gender customer buying behaviors

Opposite genders could be the major target for business sales because of their physiological facts.

“Naturally men and women attract each other and behave nicely with opposite gender compared to the same. So, it could stimulate the sales growth if created and implemented with right marketing and sales strategy specifically for opposite gender”

It’s a proven fact that men tend to buy more from sales _girls females accept the purchase if it’s being sold by an attractive salesman. Hence there is no point being in sales if you are unaware of opposite gender behaviors and have no understandings of their psychology.

Indicators of differentiated gender-based customer behaviors
  1. First observe how a store ambience is affecting opposite genders emotions and behavior analyses their mood after influenced by physical surroundings of the store.
  2. Secondly observe how the employee looks and behavior appeals on one’s gender. Is It creating a pleasant or unpleasant buying environment for them?
  3. Now observe opposite genders searching behavior and compare way of interaction with opposite as well same genders.

Comparing their behavior in a group us alone is vital for sales growth. E.g. measure time duration of buying decisions alone and in groups, if group suggestions affecting their buying decisions or not, if yes then how positively or negatively.

Few more points to understand before making a responsive sale strategy for opposite gender customers.
  • Acknowledge customers’ thoughts, feelings, and experience history before negotiating.
  • Stay alarmed about their expectations with the purchase. You can do this by imagining yourself as that customer.
  • Observe the influence of product packaging on those opposite gender customers next to you.
  • By this you might found out the relevancy of packaging in these purchases, this will help you create a right sales strategy to target specifically opposite genders.
  • If your target market is middle- or lower-class customers, the including price factor in your strategy is mandatory.

You must need to measure their willingness to pay for the service and the product itself.

Factors influencing gender-based pricing strategy
  • Product itself (its uses, features, quality and benefits it offers)
  • Services offered with the product
  • Store environment (ambiance, noise, fragrance, cleanliness etc.)
  • Employees/sales staff way of treating customers
  • Product packaging
  • Brand name and store’s reputation
  • Trust and loyalty with the brand
  • Customers’ willingness to pay for a product or service
4-step sales strategy for opposite gender customers

Before implementing this strategy must remember that you must align and relate all the above discussed steps with the decision-making process of opposite genders to make a purchase.

  1. Gather all the data related to buying experience of that particular customer (sources include internet, social media footprints, past buying details and income level etc.).
  2. Respond accordingly to each specific psychological behavior of different gender customer. Then build a responsive sales strategy especially for that specific customer, based on their previously gathered data and digital footprints.
  3. Strategize and schedule that big data information into a product or service form. Just by inserting all the specifications and including all the services a valued customer is looking for. In short customize the product.
  4. Finally ask for purchase in a mannered way they can’t refuse. Remember, here company will test your communication and dealing skills with a specified customer as a salesperson. But do not get discouraged if you are not good at dealing with opposite gender customers. Selling is just a skill, you can improve your sales skills by focusing, observing your customer behaviors, patience, passion and hard work.

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