Anker product development process

Anker product development process

The persistence of quality is reflected in Anker product development process. After the product design is formed, Anker will continue to cooperate with European and American customers and research companies to listen to their opinions.

Anker’s product development Process Steps

  1. Product title writing optimization: core keywords and closely related keywords

Take Anker’s popular external mobile power supply as an example. The core keyword External Battery and the closely related keyword Portable Charger are included in the product title. At the same time, when customers search for mobile power supplies, they may also match the brand keywords of their own product devices. Therefore, Anker will also add common brands such as iPhone, Samsung, Go-pro and other product models in the product title.

  1. Product Image

The product function is clear at a glance, and customers can judge whether to place an order by reducing the customer’s reading of the product features and description. Take Anker’s other popular lipstick-type mobile power supply as an example. His picture uses a concise description to immediately tell customers that the product’s characteristics are PowerIQ technology can detect the device and then accelerate its charging performance according to the device.

  1. Five key points of the product

Amazon will ask manufacturers to fill in the five bullet points of the product, so that consumers can quickly grasp the product features. And these five key points should be completely based on the point of view that consumers care about and use a simple and clear description to directly hit the key points of consumer concern. Therefore, Anker emphasizes the capacity of his products and the friendly service to consumers in the description. The 18-month warranty, PowerIQ fast charging technology, and the Anker brand have more than 1 million users that are recognized by the public, compact and easy to carry, but there are Large battery capacity (can use iPhone 6 to talk for 14 hours). These points also help him stand out in search rankings because it is also a search for common keywords.

  1. Product description

Consumers who see detailed product descriptions are more likely to place an order. Anker’s detailed product descriptions continue to be concise and clear, so that consumers can quickly and easily understand. The example in the picture below is another hot-selling product of Anker Bluetooth keyboard. The description of the product is based on the consumer’s perspective, depicting the consumer’s use of this product, such as comfortable typing, fast keyboard response, the battery can be replaced once every three months. In addition, many sellers think that product descriptions can only be written in words. In fact, Amazon provides merchants with paid services that can be both pictures and texts. However, Anker’s hot products do not use pictures in the product descriptions, which proves that product descriptions are not necessarily a sales guarantee.

  1. Amazon site advertising

Even if it is already a leading manufacturer of mobile power supplies, Anker still does not relax to occupy a place in the site advertising. This figure shows the search results of Portable Charger. You can find that the top ads are also Anker’s other products. Anker is in this item. It has been ranked first, and then using on-site advertising to drive sales of other product lines of its kind, you can use the advantages of a specific item to strengthen the overall sales of the brand, so that it can dominate the entire product line.

  1. Import traffic from the official website to Amazon

As soon as you enter the homepage of Anker’s official website, there is a clear Call to Action (CTA) for consumers to scan QR Code to get discounts, which can quickly optimize the purchase conversion rate. Word of mouth marketing Forum influence

Anker can send trial products to major influential bloggers or entrust to publish relevant soft articles, unboxing articles or recommendation articles on the forum, and match with netizens (or secret piles) in the forums with most positive comments. Consumers of the Anker brand are very helpful. The premise is that the quality of your product is good, otherwise such forum posts may also be backlashed by many negative comments.

The Best Smart Accessory Company You Should Use” from a well-known American forum reddit. The following netizens responded very positively. Of course, it is not ruled out that the company spends money on the navy, but it may also be his product, which is good enough to conquer the hearts of consumers. And such forums are actually very effective in “persuading” new consumers who need to refer to their opinions and strengthening the positive impression of the brand.

  1. Community and audiovisual website

The influence of social networking sites and video marketing should not be underestimated. Finding the right and influential Internet celebrities will have a huge effect on brand proliferation. The following video is an example of Anker targeting the Japanese market. The well-known Youtuber Hiroshi Seto with more than 930,000 subscribers commented, and the title of the video shows that Hiroshi Seto has praised Anker products.

  1. Anker’s inspiration to his Country manufacturers

Anker’s success lies in its insistence on product quality to build its brand, and directly face consumers through cross-border e-commerce platforms, obtain feedback from consumers on products, enhance their product research and investigation, and invest in product development and industrial manufacturing Finally, with effective marketing methods, through these indispensable capabilities, a brand that has washed the reputation of low-quality made in China has been built, and has won the trust of European and American consumers.

Anker product development process
Anker product development process
Anker’s product development process

For European and American customers, quality is the most important concern, and quality has the most impact on profitability. Importantly, if a bad new product is received once, half of the customers will abandon your brand and no longer need it.

Anker’s internal product development

Therefore, Anker’s internal product development has a veto to pursue the best product. What is rare among Chinese sellers is that Anker puts eggs in the same basket and has only a single brand. Therefore, the professional ethics is very demanding. It strictly adheres to the requirements and policies of each platform and does not take any legal risks. The Anker brand lost everything when it was overturned.

Coupled with efficient logistics to ensure that Anker’s products can reach consumers within three days after placing an order, Anker’s strategy is to use Amazon FBA logistics services to ship products from China to Amazon warehouses in the United States. , Let Amazon handle warehousing and logistics to ensure fast local delivery services, so that consumers can have a good consumption experience.

Online hot sales drove physical distribution, and the brand returned to the Chinese market after its overseas shine

Anker’s online e-commerce sales

After Anker’s online e-commerce sales, it attracted Staple, the largest office appliance manufacturer in the United States, to purchase and sell in its physical stores. At present, Anker’s products have been distributed in more than 30 countries. After achieving great success in overseas markets, Anker returned to the Chinese market on e-commerce platforms Tmall and Anker is a brand started online, and physical distributors also know that Anker is the number one brand of mobile power supplies online. It also gives him the capital to compete with world-class brands and improves his bargaining power over physical channels.

The most important indicator of a brand is “repeat rate”

Mak believes that the most critical indicator of the success of establishing a brand in an e-commerce company is the “repurchase rate”. If your brand product gives customers a good impression and experience, it will keep repeat customers coming back to buy your product. Your brand and products are worthy of the trust of users, so Yang Meng takes customer repeat purchase rate as the key indicator of his review and sets the goal to maintain a 0.5% monthly repeat purchase rate growth and maintain a 40% market share.

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