Brand Growth via Snapchat – 10 Ways to use snapchat for business

Brand Growth via Snapchat - 10 Ways to use snapchat for business

Snapchat engaged user base can be used to your business’s advantage in 10 ways.

Snapchat craze isn’t over yet, so don’t miss out. Over 190 million users use the social media app daily. Most of these users reside in North America, where there are 80 million users.

Snapchat is still a big deal, especially if you aim your audience between the ages of 13 and 24. Others may not talk about it as much as they used to, but for those that are between these ages, Snapchat is still an important app.

Approximately 20 times a day, Snap chatters use the app.

3 billion Snaps are created every day as a result of 30 minutes spent on the app.

Taking advantage of Snapchat and its engaged user base is one way your business can benefit from the social media noise.

Terms associated with Snapchat

Understanding the terms of the Snapchat platform is important before you begin using some easy Snapchat strategies.

1.     Snap

The capture button allows you to take a picture or record a video. Depending on how long the Snapchatter chooses, it is possible to view snaps for up to 10 seconds, after which they disappear.

2.     Stories

Here are the Snaps from the past 24 hours compiled in one place. Viewing snapshots creates a narrative when they are arranged chronologically.

3.     Discover

Friends’ Snapchat Stories are shown on the Discover page, as well as content from top publishers each day. The user can also find local or curated Stories that are relevant to them in addition to watching Live Stories from events.

4.     Snap code

Using Snapchat’s QR code generator, each user gets a unique code.

5.     Memories

Throughout your personal Snaps and Stories collection, Snapchat backs them up for you.

Maintain your top-of-mind status

Publishing content consistently on Twitter is just as important as on other social media platforms.

Snapchat relies on it heavily.

It’s not just that Snaps disappear after 24 hours, but that Snaps that are more recent appear closer to the top of the Discover tab, which is the Friends feed.

Create content that engages your followers on Snapchat

Snapchat is unique in this regard.

Users’ story feeds are highly curated based on what they want to see.

How come? In order to locate friends and businesses to follow on Snapchat, users go out of their way.

For finding new users to follow, Instagram lacks hashtags compared to other platforms.

Make it easy for people to find and follow you on Snapchat, in addition to telling them your business is on Snapchat.

  • Snap codes are created and saved by Snapchat accounts.
  • This is what it will look like:
  • Your Snapchat account will now be added to users’ following lists when they scan this Snap code with their phones.
  • The easiest way to build a Snapchat following is to promote your account on your social media channels.
  • People can get interested in your Snapchat content by simply posting your Snap code or Snap link.
  • Making followers curious about your business’ Snapchat account and making them feel FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is the key to making them want to follow you.
  • Whether it’s on client-facing assets or inside your physical location, think creatively about how to integrate the Snap code. 

Make it exclusive by going behind the scenes

Customers want to know what happens behind the scenes at your business, whether they believe it or not.

This storytelling content allows your fans to feel like part of your brand, no matter what your office culture is or how your team prepares for an event.

Make use of user-generated content on Snapchat

Any type of media or text that is created by users is called user-generated content (UGC)

Instead of a brand promoting itself, the user is promoting a brand.

UGC includes sharing selfies at Starbucks, tagging their restaurant after a meal, sharing a selfie of a brand they are wearing, and more.

Businesses can use social media to share UGC in an authentic way.

Moreover, it sets the tone for other people to create content that the business can feature on social media as well, thereby forming a sense of community among customers.

1.     Takeovers by hosts

You can have someone else handle your business’ Snapchat account for a limited time instead of your regular social media/marketing person.

Your Snapchat account will be able to reach a broader audience, have a wider reach to different audiences, and be able to align itself with an influencer for credibility if you work with a responsible and vetted individual/influencer.

As you are essentially giving someone the “keys,” it is important to establish a set of guidelines whether or not the person is part of your company.

2.     Launch Sneak Peek

Provide early previews of upcoming products to followers to make them feel important.

By engaging followers with this content, sharing it to their social media accounts, and engaging with it, you’ll build anticipation, excitement, and demand for these products.

3.     Coupons & Deals Exclusive to You

Share exclusive deals and coupons with your customers by taking advantage of the 24-hour lifespan of Snaps.

Because of the relatively short timeframe, followers feel pressured to act quickly to avoid missing out on the exclusive coupon or sale.

4.     On-Demand Geo-filters for Snapchat

Depending on the user’s location, geo-filters appear as graphic overlays or frames.

Geo-filters are available to Snapchat users within the geofence of restaurants, conferences, and events.

Geofilters on-demand can be customized by businesses to show off their products or services

Branding is their responsibility.

They are so affordable (starting at around $5 for 20,000 square feet) that some users even create On-Demand Geofilters for private events such as weddings and birthday parties.

5.     Utilize Snap Ads

Video or images are displayed in full-screen portrait mode on Snap Ads.

With the Swipe Up feature, they drive traffic to your website, videos, or apps. You can navigate Snapchat’s Ad Manager in the same way you can on Facebook’s Ad Manager. 

Although Snapchat’s interest targeting isn’t as comprehensive as Facebook’s, you can still target Snapchat users based on their lifestyle preferences. 

The target “Makeup” isn’t available, but the target “Beauty Mavens” is. It’s recommended you scroll through the entire list to make sure none have been missed that are relevant to your business. 

If you’re not familiar with the “Lifestyle” interests, it might be necessary to get creative with the interests targeted. If your audience is active on Snapchat, you might find success there, even if Snapchat’s user base isn’t as large as Facebook and Instagram.

An app called Peak, based in the UK, has driven 1.7 million downloads in the past year

Compared to other platforms, Snapchat cost them 50% less per install in their first two months of advertising.

Before investing a lot of money in Snapchat Ads, test them out with a smaller budget first.

6.     Fun & Creativity

Playing games, making short videos, and using funny face lenses can be a lot of fun on Snapchat.

Snapchat content shouldn’t be cross-posted from LinkedIn, and each Snap should be tailored to the Snapchat audience.

Due to the majority of users being younger, there is a lot of noise and competition to stand out in the Stories feed.

It’s not going to work if you’re boring or average, so get creative!

You’ll build loyal customers and fans of your business if you inject some fun and playfulness into your Snapchat strategy.

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