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Six Laws of E-Commerce Consumer Psychology

Six Laws of E-Commerce Consumer Psychology

Although marketing methods of e-commerce and physical stores are slightly different, several principles of consumer psychology are still the same-“change the soup, not the medicine.” The well-known master Dr. Robert Cialdini, author of the book “Influence”, put forward six principles to persuade people to say “Yes”: Reciprocity Scarcity Authority Consistency & Commitment Liking Consensus & …


3 Ways to Improve E-Commerce Website Search Ranking

This article will discuss optimization methods to increase search ranking from three directions: Speed ​​optimization Conversion rate optimization Content optimization 1. Speed ​​optimization I don’t know if you still remember, the first half of the introduction of e-commerce consumer psychology mentioned that the speed of a website will affect consumers’ willingness to shop; similarly, the …


Example of Social Media Marketing Campaign – BUIC MARCA’17

Introduction to MARCA’17 Marca2k17 (MARCA’17) is an official #tag & brand name of e-commerce project which was held in Bahria University Islamabad on 9th-10th May 2017. There were three Mega events organized by the respective Marketing Clusters of Management Sciences. Events include “Open House”, “Ad Bana” and “Alif Idea”. All three events showcased some of …


Expensive vs Cheap Salon & Spa Services Comparison

In this article we will see the comparison between quality of services provided by regular cheap salon and high-end expensive salon. Beauty salons have proven to be a recession-proof industry across Globe. The growth of this industry is increasing in Globe due to raised awareness. This awareness in both men and women of Globe is …


SOSTAC Model – Development of E-Marketing Plan

SOSTAC Model – Development of E-Marketing Plan SOSTAC is a framework used for marketing and business plans, also known as a marketing planning process. This is the most verified and tested model for developing and implementing marketing plans. This study target company CEOs, directors, presidents, managing directors and managers, especially business owners and business graduates …


Impact of Job Stress on Doctors and Nurses Performance

Stress had been a problem and also one of the important issues in our society for years. It also had been a problem at workplaces too. The existing quantitative research aims to find the relationship between work stress and employee performance focusing on the doctors and nurses, specifically of PIMS hospital Islamabad, Pakistan. Random sampling …


Analysis and Solution of A Strategic Framework for Spare Parts Logistics Case Study

Analysis and Solution of A Strategic Framework for Spare Parts Logistics Case Study Case analysis This case highlights many of the important aspects and issues regarding aligning, organizing and implementing spare parts logistics with the help of a strategic framework. And it describes that how an effective spare parts logistics strategy can be developed and …


Post Merger Challenges of Al-Baraka & Burj Bank: The Acquisition Management Issues

Post Merger Challenges of Al-Baraka & Burj Bank: The Acquisition Management Issues In August 2016, Bank Al Baraka concluded due diligence and subsequently entered into negotiations with the management of Burj Bank on sale purchase deal. The parties eventually reached an agreement between them for the acquisition. Afterwards, State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) gave green …


Securing the Future of Hypermarkets in Pakistan; A Study on Effects of Hyperstar Ambiance on Females Purchasing Decisions

Hyper star belongs to the Carrefour group based in Germany but in Pakistan it is currently ran by the Majid-Al-Futtaim-Retail belonging to a gulf country .It established in 2009. Hyperstar is Pakistan’s most dynamic, fast-moving and exciting hypermarket chain. The company has global expertise which helps us offer the shoppers here in the Pakistan the same quality, …

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