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BBA Internship Report Sample – Dream World Travel

Executive Summary While studying Management Sciences, I found my interest in Marketing and especially in Digital Marketing. It was a great opportunity for me to do a six-month internship in Dream World Travel. At the start of the internship I had set several learning goals regarding the improvement of knowledge and skills on managing office …


Five Step Strategy to Manage Team Conflicts

As a Line manager, what do I do to address team conflicts? We’ve listed causes; now let’s generate a plan to deal with the causes. We will use the following steps to address team conflict: Define the problem Gather data Analyze the data Choose the best solution Implement the solution and continue to refine it …


Example of Social Media Marketing Campaign – BUIC MARCA’17

Introduction to MARCA’17 Marca2k17 (MARCA’17) is an official #tag & brand name of e-commerce project which was held in Bahria University Islamabad on 9th-10th May 2017. There were three Mega events organized by the respective Marketing Clusters of Management Sciences. Events include “Open House”, “Ad Bana” and “Alif Idea”. All three events showcased some of …


7 Digital Marketing Techniques Critical for all Businesses

In the sea of ​​information explosion, how do you start your online profitable business through online marketing? What resources do you have available? What internet marketing techniques do you need to know? And this article sorted out 7 areas of online marketing must learn, to help you quickly understand how to get from beginner to …

2Shares vs – SWOT Analysis

KOOVS.COM SWOT Analysis; Claimed to be the largest online wholesale subsidiary store in India and Pakistan. It was established in 2009 and it’s a public online store which provides branded fashion cloths and other accessories online. Strengths Higher (84.81%) rate of customer engagement via social media platforms Excellent site ranking on Alexa Strong brand recognition …


SOSTAC Model – Development of E-Marketing Plan

SOSTAC Model – Development of E-Marketing Plan SOSTAC is a framework used for marketing and business plans, also known as a marketing planning process. This is the most verified and tested model for developing and implementing marketing plans. This study target company CEOs, directors, presidents, managing directors and managers, especially business owners and business graduates …


Project Proposal Sample For Business Studies Students

Topic: Project proposal is about the “Moderating Impact of Workers Involvement on Workforce Diversity, Organisational Learning Culture and Organisational Performance” Introduction: We have chosen the topic Workforce Diversity as this is essential for today’s organisations to eradicate these challenges and manage its entire workforce without the discrimination. Problem Statement: The discrimination attitude of some workforce, …


Impact of Job Stress on Doctors and Nurses Performance

Stress had been a problem and also one of the important issues in our society for years. It also had been a problem at workplaces too. The existing quantitative research aims to find the relationship between work stress and employee performance focusing on the doctors and nurses, specifically of PIMS hospital Islamabad, Pakistan. Random sampling …


Negotiation and Conflict Management Concepts Implementation with an Example | A Case of Kabul Restaurant Islamabad

Kabul Restaurant Islamabad Case Study Kabul restaurant is well known restaurant in Islamabad and holds a prestigious reputation from last 30 years. The restaurant is known for its Afghani traditional food, well designed infrastructure and best quality. The management of Kabul restaurant is really active on the inspection of food and its quality. They have …


Security Flaws and Trust Issues in Careem – Car Booking App

Careem is an app-based car service that connects people to rides in a matter of minutes, at the tap of a button. It provides reliable, safe, convenient and affordable transport. Its customers can book a car on the Careem apps and website, or by calling a call center. Careem, has announced an investment of US$ 60 …


Critical Reasons of Losing Market Share to Competitors | Applus + Velosi Failure Story

Main Problem faced by Applus+ Velosi was its obsolete machinery which result in losing big projects from oil&gas sector in Pakistani market. Also, they were losing competitive edge in the market due to manual working style of labor while other competitors moved towards latest equipments and machinery certified by ISO standards to automate the working procedure. …

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