Correct online marketing strategies and methods

Correct online marketing strategies and methods
Correct online marketing strategies and methods

After you choose the market, choose the platform, and put the products on the shelves, you also need to do strategic planning of online marketing, understand the skills of online marketing. And understand the shopping journey of consumers shopping on the Internet, in order to truly serve your products, Bring sales.

The simplest example: Have you done market research first to understand your consumer characteristics? Do you know which platform is most suitable for which type of goods? Do you know the shopping preferences of consumers on each different platform?

Your products are on Pchome, momo shopping network, and Rakuten stores. How do consumers find your products? Among the many product choices, why do they choose to buy your product instead of other competitors’ products?

What evaluation basis do consumers use to make product choices? Product price, quality, name, user recommendation, user rating?

How do you let consumers never know your brand, who you are, know you, until they trust you to buy your products?

Solid Online Marketing Tactics

Therefore, in addition to listing products, you still need to do a lot of solid online marketing efforts to increase exposure and drive sales, such as:

  • Build brand awareness and trust through news media
  • Improve brand recognition through many local word-of-mouth marketing, user recommendation and sharing
  • Increase shopping conversion rate through local copywriting
  • Operate social media, build brand image, prestige and promote brand activities
  • Create keyword ads and optimize through SEO keywords to make products appear on the first page of search results
Steps after platform setup

That’s right, after you’re on the platform, how to let consumers see you, know you, trust you, and buy your products is all your online marketing efforts.

This is not the responsibility of the platform! Yes, this is not the responsibility of the platform! Yes, this is not the responsibility of the platform. Because it is so important, I have to say it three times!

In the process of platform sales, you must constantly think of ways to collect your customer list and operate social media.

Once you have accumulated enough customers, you still must establish your own official website to create permanent value belonging to the brand. (Americans buy things on Amazon. If they are unfamiliar brands or products, they usually like to go to the other party’s official website. If you know more details about the product, you can buy with confidence)

After you have operated in the target market for a period, the agent will not treat you as a foreign brand, but as your own, because you have proven the value of the brand with your performance.

At this time, foreign agents will take the initiative to contact you, invest media resources together, and begin to enter a physical retail channel that is 10 times larger.


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