Coursera – SMART Goal and KPIs Assignment Samples

Coursera - SMART Goal and KPIs Assignment Samples

Coursera - SMART Goal and KPIs Assignment Samples

In this assignment, we have selected an online business and developed SMART Goals along with appropriate KPIs. The 3 parts to this assignment are:

  • Business description
  • SMART Goals
  • KPIs
1. Business Description

Name: Marketing Skull (Blog site –

Description of the business: It’s a business studies related blog consists of marketing, project management and HR related Lectures and articles. Can be considered as B2C platform. Its an online website provides free reading material related to business and marketing studies (like lectures, case solutions, project reports, basic theoretical concepts, dilemma discussions, presentations, assignments, and business proposal samples etc.).

2. SMART Goal

Currently it is planning to achieve two major goals.

  • 1st Improve Google SEO Ranking from DA 5-DA 20 by the end of June 2021.
  • 2nd goal is to attain at least 1000 relevant website users each month till the end of 2021. (marketers, researchers & business studies students)
3. KPIs
  1. Blog Traffic – Site goal is to have 1000 relevant blog users; therefore, we need to target digital marketing students via LinkedIn and other educational platforms to ensure we are on track for the end of the month.
  2. Brand Awareness – To promote my blog and improve its awareness, I need to use relevant social media influencers like online instructors, digital learners, study groups and Social word-of-mouth etc.
  3. SEO Ranking – Creating Good trusted and relevant site backlinks on .edu sites and improve site interface as well as content quality.
Paola Snaps Example

We are a B2C photography business that started in 2013. We offer shots focusing on children and events using real, candid and modern style which could be taken anywhere at anytime. We are launching a new line: wedding and prenuptial photoshoots.


Book 10 clients for prenuptial shoots and wedding events within 3 months. We would put posters on our physical store. Refer it with the current clients, and will use online databases. Based on our previous wedding project, we believe we can achieve 10 clients.


Conversion Rate – We need to know the number of the people inquiring for us to capitalize our new line, further promote it and thus, make them book for the wedding.

sales/Bookings – Our goal is to have 10 clients for wedding events; therefore, we need to track our sales to ensure we are on track until the 3rd month comes.

Customer retention – we need to track the number of our clients that returns and rebook services in order for us to promote and achieve our goal.

Assignment worksheets is available in below link for your ease. Enjoy

Facebook SMART Goals and KPIs Coursera Assignment Worksheet sample

Coursera - SMART Goal and KPIs Assignment Samples
Coursera - SMART Goal and KPIs Assignment Samples


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