Developing Statement of Work – Home-Theatre SOW Example

Developing Statement of Work - Home-Theatre SOW Example

Prepare a Statement of Work for the procurement of given project?

1. Introduction:

Video Conferencing System and Home Theater Installation in the newly built auditorium at BUIC.

2. Purpose:

Installing AV and HT systems and developing interiors are intended to provide state-of-the-art facilities to Bahria University members for both interuniversity communication at the global level and recreational purposes for university faculty, staff, and students on a local level.

3. Scope:

To provide members of Bahria University Islamabad Campus with a cinematic experience and to enable the subject of video conferencing and entertainment, the university plans to install a state-of-the-art home theatre (HT) system. Auditorium dimensions are 150′ x 80′. A reclining chair and noise-cancelling wall panels are included in the structure’s interior development. Video conferencing systems will also be installed at the University to facilitate two-way communication with leading universities around the globe. Multi-workpackage contracts will be used to execute all sub-activities.

4. Where:

Bahria University Islamabad Campus main auditorium

5. Tasks

Among the tasks are:

  • Recliner chair interior design work.
  • Wall paneling with noise-cancelling properties for interior development.
  • HT wiring, VC wiring, electrical works for new HT systems.
  • Installation of home theater equipment.
  • A video conferencing system (VC) will be installed.
  • For installation fixtures, civil works are needed.
  • Installation of an uninterruptible power supply.
  • Maintaining and repairing the facility, including plumbing repairs and wastewater flushing.
  • Patio tiling and parking for vehicles.

6. Milestones

  1. Installation and design of AV and HT systems
  2. Home Theatre (HT) installation
  3. Video Conferencing (VC) equipment installation
  4. Parking and tiling of patios.

7. Deliverables

The deliverables should include hardware and software as well as the complete, functional system described above.

There should also be remote and on-site maintenance twice a year as part of the system, as well as daily workflow support for the functions. The contractor should provide information about the types of upgrades that will be made before installation. In addition, he should provide information about how to contact the person responsible for troubleshooting each component before installation.

To document the setup and functionality of the new equipment, he must provide detailed specs, diagrams, and manuals.

8. Schedule

  • Recliner chair interior development work. (10-17-2022)
  • Noise-cancelling wall paneling for interior development. 09 Nov 2022
  • Wiring for the new HT system, Electrical work for the new HT system
  • New wiring for the VC system. (On 12-05-2022)
  • Installing HT equipment in a home. 15 Jan 2023
  • Video conferencing (VC) equipment installation. Feb-07-2023
  • Installation fixtures require civil works. (March 11, 2023)
  • Installation of an uninterruptible power supply. 02 Apr. 2023
  • Maintenance / repair of facilities, plumbing/wastewater flushing. 17 Apr. 2023
  • Patio tiling and parking for vehicles. (May 01, 2023)

9. Testing & Standards

  • Installation of the hardware and software for both systems is the Contractor’s responsibility
  • At least five streams of input can be recorded simultaneously in the auditorium to determine the digital capability of the systems.

Software and hardware must meet requirements and be free of defects and viruses and must be installed and demonstrated to function accordingly before acceptance. Standard Bidding Documents (SBD) provide technical specifications for the installation of the HT System.

Government funds will be used for this project under the 2004 Federal PPRA rules.

It is expected that the University will be able to complete the installation of the new system and prepare the interior work within four months under the Lump Sum Fixed Price contract.

10. Success

  • Digital face cameras, overhead cameras, and audio input are required for this project.
  • Along with these five streams of data, the Contractor’s system shall be able to record voice notes over the combined recordings after the event.
  • As described above, the software shall allow the flagging of digital data feeds in real-time for later use
  • In cases where the feed was flagged, coding can be done. Detailed behavior coding will be required later.
  • All cables are included with the 50″ LED TV for VC, featuring picture-in-picture capability.
  • Wire clutter between the control room and the center stage should be reduced by streamlining the wiring.
  • Communication between all systems and software should be ensured.

11. Requirements

This includes electronics equipment, networks, shelters, ground support equipment, and support structures, as well as software/firmware that performs a specific function for the government. Within a university-provided facility, contractors may be required to establish operations, support, and warehouse facilities that comply with product and process certification and accreditation standards. A contractor shall provide training for up to 8 University employees on the new equipment and the new integrated software system for 2-3 hours. He shall visit two sites during the performance of the contract.

12. Payments:

Fixed price contract.

13. Others

The Contractor’s personnel will be permitted to travel to the back gate of the University through the passage that is normally reserved exclusively for defense personnel. This will enable them to reach the Bahria and Air Force establishments without disturbing the flow of vehicles. This will ensure that there is no disruption of student entry into the university premises.

If there are any other travel requirements to be encountered in the performance of the service(s), the Contractor may require that they be disclosed.

  • The University management will issue a special pass for identification purposes.
  • Passes will be signed by the Project Director.
  • Since the contract performance site is a Defense establishment, all contractor personnel will require special security clearance.
  • To access the University’s server rooms, IT installations, and electricity facilities, the Contractor’s specialized technical staff will require special escort arrangements by the PD.
  • It includes a generator room

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