Difficult but effective ways to use of long tail keywords

Difficult but effective ways to use of long tail keywords

Before discussing long tail keywords, let’s talk about the importance of keywords. As mentioned earlier;

  • Vitamin C Serum,
  • a product of OZ Naturals,

Stretches the product name very long because keywords have a fixed monthly search volume on Amazon, so you must do enough homework to find keywords related to the product. Come out and cleverly put it in the product name to maximize the chance that

Long tail keywords are a bit like this concept, which increases Amazon sales by 57%. For example, the Google search engine not only allows the search engine to serve only accurate keywords, but also has a further intelligent calculation method: according to user intent and behavior data, it calculates the meaning behind people’s search for the keyword.

For example, the following figure takes “cross-border e-commerce” search on Google as an example, you can see that the search results, to some extent, calculate the purpose behind people searching for “cross-border e-commerce”.

In order to more accurately understand people’s intent to search for the keyword, Google will after you enter the main keyword, and then pull down to list other keywords that people often search for you, and also provide debugging functions to reduce users Search time.

The keywords people usually use are very accurate, and the probability of being searched is high, but relatively speaking, there are many competitors. How to stand out from many websites like yours is very challenging. One thing. Just like the single keyword example “loan” mentioned above. However, there are many types of loans. Which loan method do users want to search for?

And if you use two or three sets of keywords in your article, “housing loans”, you can help users link to your website more effectively, but the conversion rate is still relatively low; therefore, you have to think about it in the content section. It is very consistent with the answers users want to get behind the search keywords, so there is a good chance that users can search your website under the effect of long tail keywords, increase the conversion rate, “five-year fixed-rate installment loan” .

How to use long tail keywords? Here are two methods: hide keywords naturally in the title and write your own words by hand.

Just like the way OZ Natural has successfully increased sales through keywords on Amazon mentioned earlier, the keywords are hidden in the title to make it sound easy and become a common phrase; the other is to provide substantial content, like It is an explanation of the actual case to meet the needs of users when searching. As mentioned in the conversion rate optimization, users can realize what kind of problems they have and go online to find solutions. And your website just happens to Provided their best answer.

Finally, how do you get more people to read your website? The layout of the content is also very important.

In the age of online information, I believe you and I have read many online articles, some of the layout is too bad, it is difficult to arouse people’s desire to continue reading, let alone return to the website to collect information!

In the formatting part, you can make good use of title size, bold, column points, numbers (statistics), and hyperlinks so that readers can clearly see the entire content structure and quickly grasp the key points when reading.

As mentioned earlier, readers are now “scanning” >>> “reading” >>> “intensive reading”.

But it should be noted that do not excessively abuse these format assistants to assist reading, otherwise it will be like using a highlighter to draw the focus of the entire book, without the focus.

The best way to insert a hyperlink is to incorporate the text (as shown in the figure below), and hyperlinks can be divided into internal and external links. The former will make people feel that your website is valuable; the latter can emphasize relevant information from other experts or peers, enrich readers’ knowledge, and increase the added value of the website, making people feel that reading your information is always rewarding. Reduce the time they spend collecting information on their own.

Difficult but effective ways to use of long tail keywords
Difficult but effective ways to use of long tail keywords

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