Effects of Drugs Among Youngsters

The use of drugs among youngsters is very common nowadays. The young generation is the worst victim of drug addiction.  The effects of drugs are extremely harmful. They gradually fade away the sanity of a person.

Curiosities, desire for pleasure, social excommunication, mental gap, lack of self-reliance are some of the reasons why youngsters became a drug-addict.

Drug Abuse Effects

In fact, among teens with major depression, 34.6 percent report using drugs. Drug abuse can cause emotional problems like anxiety, depression, mood swings, suicidal thoughts, and schizophrenia. 

The problem of dependence is incredibly much serious within the entire planet earth. Because the addicts are a mostly young school or college going boys and girls.

Teens who use drugs have an increased risk of social problems, depression, suicidal thoughts and violence. According to a recent survey, teens who use drugs are more likely than teens who don’t use drugs to engage in delinquent behaviour such as fighting and stealing. Teenagers who use drugs are more likely to be involved in car accident-related injuries or death.

Future of Drug Addicts

Youngsters are the future citizens of a country, on whom will depend the welfare of a society and its people. Studies proved that teens below the age of 18 will the major users of cocaine, marijuana, and heroin in future. This will result in lower IQ, reduced vision, and lack of focus in the long run.

One study determines that due to over dosage of drug use in America, a death is reported in every 10 minutes. In 2015, around 52000 people died just because of drug addiction in America, which is more than the deaths caused by road accidents or by gun shots.

  • The only way to reduce drug addiction among teens is by making it illegal in every country on this planet.
  • There should be life-threatening punishment and heavy penalties on use of drugs.
  • Especially among youngsters, governments should run awareness campaigns on drug abuse via schools, colleges, and university seminars.
  • Television and radio are also a good way to broadcast awareness about side effects of drugs with its legalities.


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