Expensive vs Cheap Salon & Spa Services Comparison

In this article we will see the comparison between quality of services provided by regular cheap salon and high-end expensive salon.

Beauty salons have proven to be a recession-proof industry across Globe. The growth of this industry is increasing in Globe due to raised awareness. This awareness in both men and women of Globe is created by electronic as well as social media channels and by beauty bloggers/vloggers.

Beauty salons and spas vary in sizes, quality of treatments, offered services, equipment and product used, trained staff from small domestic street parlors to high-end parlors.


Cheap Salon/Parlor Services Example (Beauty Hut)

Beauty hut is middle range beauty salon located in PWD Islamabad. As you enter the salon, you immediately start to feel relaxed, it’s like entering a different world altogether. They have set a dazzling interior to make customers feel comfortable. Beauty hut provides skin care treatments, facials, manicure/pedicure, bridal makeover, party makeover, hairstyling, hair treatments. They usually have to rooms one for makeovers and other for hairstyling and skin care treatments.

Internal Atmosphere
  • Two rooms
  • Cheap marble floor
  • One bathroom
  • Only one sink for hair cleaning
  • Drug store products for makeovers
  • Non-permanent hair removal products
  • Two to three manicure/pedicure chairs
  • Average trained staff
  • Same music throughout all day
  • Gym facilities
External Atmosphere
  • No parking spaces
  • No lawn
  • Two big billboards above gate with brides proto on it
  • Name of the parlor written in big bold red color.
  • Guard outside the gate
Expensive vs Cheap Salon & Spa Services Comparison
Expensive Salon/parlor services (Example of Allure Salon & Spa)

Allure salon & spa as clear from the name is both a beauty salon and a spa located in main F-7 Markaz Islamabad. Allure salon & spa offers all kind of beauty and spa services such as, professional and bridal makeup, hair services and styling, facial, and full body massage. Bridal photography is also available.

This salon & spa comprise of full two portion house. Every service is performed in separate room, for example there is spa room, nail art room, bridal room, hairstyling room etc. Different type of music is played in each room. E.g. spa room has its own playlist of soothing and meditating tunes. Not only manicure/pedicure is done here but different form of nail art options is also available. Laser treatment is also available for permanent hair removal. Only well-trained staff is hired here.

Internal Atmosphere
  • Full two portion house
  • Separate rooms for different services
  • Wooden flooring
  • Manicure/pedicure tables are available
  • Spa room with modern spa equipment
  • Bathroom with every room
  • Spa restroom with hot tub
  • Highly skilled staff
  • Music options for each service in separate rooms
  • High-end branded makeup products
  • Waiting room
External Atmosphere
  • Parking place
  • Lawn for photoshoot
  • Security and safety
  • Pick-up and delivery services
Beauty Hut Packages include;
  1. Bridal makeup from assistants 20000rs
  2. Bridal makeup from senior artist 25000rs
  3. Manicure/pedicure 700rs
  4. Haircutting 1500rs
  5. Facials starting from 1500-4000 PKR
Allure salon & spa Packages
  1. Bridal makeup from assistant 35000rs
  2. Bridal make up from senior artist 40000rs
  3. Signature bridal makeup 50000rs
  4. Spa services starting from 3000rs to 6000rs
  5. Haircutting 2000rs
  6. Hairstyling 1500rs
Bonus Tip;

Cosmetology is an application of beauty treatment which include hairstyling, skin treatment, nail treatments, makeovers, non-permanent or permanent hair removal. And all of this is done in beauty salon and spas. These all services are provided in separate beauty salons, hairstyling salons and spas. But many high-end salons provide all these services in one place.

Expensive vs Cheap Salon & Spa Services Comparison
Expensive vs Cheap Salon & Spa Services Comparison


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