Facebook vs Twitter Comparison in view to promote your brand

Facebook vs Twitter Comparison in view to promote your brand
Facebook vs Twitter Comparison in view to promote your brand
Facebook: Buy ads!

Facebook is currently the most used social networking site, widely connecting friends and family members in everyone’s life circle, it is also one of the channels for the industry to connect with consumers.

However, according to the analysis of user demographic variables of Facebook in the past two years, there is no obvious difference. The main user age group is 18-29 years old, accounting for 87%. The proportion of users aged 30-49 years has decreased, but the elderly over 65 years old have a significant increasing trend. The distribution of academic qualifications is also very extensive, but users with a university education level or above are also on the increase.

In addition, Facebook’s information flow is very rapid, so the exposure opportunities that can be generated are greatly reduced, and the FAQ function required by social networks, Facebook cannot provide this service in real time; according to statistics, recent Facebook The book was washed with a large amount of information, which reduced the click-through rate of the fan page, and the economic benefits brought by the published articles or the products sold were not large.

Using Facebook as a social network platform can only target 2% of the customer base. Therefore, compared with the past, the reliability of Facebook’s messages has declined. However, if your fan page still has enough likes and the number of customers continues to grow, you can use paid advertising to increase page traffic, affect potential specific customer groups, and stimulate these potential consumers to return Websites, whether for browsing products or collecting information, to avoid missing out on great deals.

The advantage is that all brands have equal opportunities. As long as you pay, you can increase your website’s exposure on Facebook by increasing your current customer base or consumers who have visited your website. Therefore, the advantage of paid advertising is that it is highly targeted and highly relevant to consumer preferences and is more effective than exposing the advertising to non-primary customer groups.

The disadvantage is that you have to pay for advertising, but if you have good advertising content and promotional techniques, you can also use small paid advertising to greatly increase your revenue.

In addition to buying ads, examples of FB promotion

Calls for action through videos and photos: increase the organic reach of potential customers, allow consumers to participate in discussions, ask questions in videos or photos, and provide as much value as possible in videos or photos Information. For example, Lowe’s promoted through FB short films, providing five ways to make the room look better and more comfortable, and deepen the involvement of potential customers or consumers. Continue to keep consumers curious or interested in the product, provide valuable information and then gradually infiltrate a little marketing content, which is easier to be accepted by the market. Because according to global social media surveys, users do not prefer the “Buy” button. Among the five social networking sites, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook, Facebook users are the least likely to see “Now “Buy” button. Therefore, how to capture the hearts of consumers’ obscure marketing tactics also have eyebrows.

Twitter: anecdotes, pictures, quotes; products that require more after-sales service such as electronic products

Twitter restricts the number of characters posted by users to less than 140 characters. It is a bit like a microblog community of Plurk. It is relatively unpopular in Taiwan and is popular in European and American countries. It has also been like other political activities since the “Arab Spring” The spokesperson of is average, with broad and immediate calling ability.

According to statistics, nearly one-fifth of adults use Twitter, and most users are under 50. Many brands use Twitter as their main social network, but the key to success lies in the characteristics of the brand. It must conform to the user characteristics of Twitter.

Research surveys pointed out that Twitter users prefer pictures to videos. Interesting content (how-to and list blog spot) is more reposted than other types of information. Dynamics with “quotations” are better than those without “Quoting” activity has 43% more followers.

Simply put, no matter what kind of e-commerce you are selling, what Twitter users like is “interesting content, pictures, and inspiring mottos.” If you can link Twitter user preferences to your own brand for content Publish, it is very likely to attract more people who are concerned about related issues through this social network, or to increase the number of reposts, increase brand visibility, and even develop new customers.

In addition, Twitter is also the best platform to create a dialogue space between brands and consumers, because Twitter is highly accessible and widely used. Compared with the round-trip time of email, Twitter is more effective and instant. If you can respond to customer messages in real time and accurately on Twitter, it may also enhance the brand’s image and evaluation and help product sales.

In view of the immediacy of Twitter, some brands choose Twitter as the main social media channel, but this is not effective for every brand. If the product is a relatively high-risk product that requires more after-sales service, such as an electronic product, Twitter is a highly recommended social network that can effectively solve problems for customers in a timely manner.

Current hot and trending hashtags usually come from influential people, celebrities, competitors, and other brands of competitors. Make good use of hashtags in tweets. When the content is interesting and compelling, it provides a wider opportunity for the brand to participate in the “Dialogue of the World.”


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