Factors affect consumer willingness to shop online

  • Site speed

If waiting for more than three seconds, 57% of consumer will give up browsing the web and 80% of consumers will not return to the website (or to shop online).

  • Overall website design

92.6% of consumers said that “visual enjoyment” is the main factor influencing purchase decisions. If one and a half minutes, they will decide whether to consume

→So friendly user interface and aesthetics are important

Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, Crazy Egg, CamStudio, Techsmith Snagit can help analyze consumer habits and optimize the overall design of the website.

  • Product description

50% of consumers will have more confidence in the product after watching the video; 31% of consumers will have a purchase behavior because of watching the video

→Having a complete introduction to the product, providing exquisite photos, and videos used by the product can increase sales; videos can increase the time consumers spend on the website, the number of products consumed, and the willingness to repurchase.

  • Abandon the shopping cart

41% is because there are hidden extra charges discovered during checkout, 29% is because a new account needs to be registered, 11% is because there is no detailed logistics details, 10% is because the purchase process is too long, 8% This is because the phone information of the business is not provided on the webpage.

→Other expenses such as freight should be clearly stated on the product page

→Clearly label the company’s information to make consumers feel at ease

→Simplify the shopping process within 5 steps, so that consumers can avoid the trouble of repeatedly providing information

→It is not necessary to apply for a store’s account to purchase goods, or to link to other social network information, so that consumers do not need to apply for the complicated procedures of membership

  • Logistics

Shipping cost: 59% of consumers will consider whether shipping is required when buying; 53% of consumers will switch from physical retail stores to online purchases because of the low online price; 44% of consumers will because the shipping is too expensive Not buying.

Home delivery on the day: 24% think it is important; 76% think it is not important.

The above-mentioned other details that will affect consumers’ online shopping decisions will be illustrated in the following six principles. I hope that through a few small methods, we can assist your website management and help you create more revenue!


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