Five Major E-commerce Trends of Modern Era

According to a survey conducted by Forrester, a well-known US market research firm, consumer spending on online shopping will reach US$527 billion (nearly NT$18 trillion) in upcoming year. E-commerce is constantly innovating. Therefore, how to keep up with the modern trends of e-commerce, open the future market, and create a path of your own under fierce competition?

Marketingskull summarized the five major trends of e-commerce described below:

  1. Anytime, anywhere, multi-pronged
  2. Eye-catching content and simple user interface
  3. Shopping habits analysis and interaction
  4. Limited time flash sale
  5. Perfect sales process and service
1. Anytime, anywhere, multi-pronged

According to research reports, 80% of consumers use mobile phones to browse shopping information, and 75% use mobile device shopping coupons; traditional online shopping models (using computers, laptops) still have their needs and markets. However, the proportion of orders placed through mobile devices has increased. ICSC’s research also pointed out that consumers who use a multi-channel consumption model have 3.5 times more purchases than consumers who use a single channel to purchase products.

In order to enhance the convenience of shopping for consumers, many websites have also launched mobile device interfaces to facilitate consumers to make purchases anytime, anywhere.

  1. Eye-catching content and simple user interface

To persuade consumers to buy products, it is not simply to display them on the platform. It is necessary to target customer groups according to different product attributes and characteristics, as well as target groups, with rich images, pictures, fascinating text explanations, and even videos to let consumers know about the products. A more comprehensive understanding can also be used to increase consumers’ trust in the product, which in turn triggers shopping motivation.

In addition, the user-friendly interface, visual experience, location of various menus, and good and real-time customer service Q&A must all be considered.

  1. Analysis and interaction of shopping habits

Through accurate statistics and calculations, from consumers’ past purchase behaviors, analyze their shopping preferences, and then use automated emails or mobile communication devices to send consumers relevant promotions, or display relevant information when they browse the web Recommend products, such as: you may also like…, people who have bought/viewed this product also bought/viewed…, so as to extend the time consumers spend on the site and increase the return rate.

  1. Limited time flash sale

Flash sales accelerate people’s impulse purchases. In addition to the advantages of small consumption (up to 1,000 yuan), convenient payment (credit card), and no handling (delivery to the house), the most important thing is to grasp the consumer’s greedy attitude: “limited time limit, no more misses. With the help of mobile communication software, for example, many businesses have launched on air real-time interactive mode to attract consumers, making flash sales play an important role in e-commerce.

  1. Perfect sales process and service

Perfect sales processes and services are also an important part of e-commerce: from the beginning of purchase to checkout, the steps and processes should be simplified as much as possible, and consumers should be informed of the current shopping progress and quantity.

In addition, consumers should have multiple payment options and pick-up methods (such as cash on delivery, online card swiping, ATM transfer, supermarket code payment, supermarket pick-up payment, etc.) during checkout, and at the same time ensure that their transaction information Privacy and security. The last is to provide fast and accurate logistics services, so that consumers can receive the goods within a reasonable waiting time. Amazon will also consider drones to respond to the strong online shopping flow in the future.

The endlessness of the Internet allows consumers to freely switch between brands with a single “click”. They care about the time, money, convenience, and safety they spend on online shopping. If you can successfully master these key points and e-commerce trends, I believe you can also fill your wallet with e-commerce!


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