Future of Subliminal advertising – Modern Subliminal Advertising Tools

Subliminal advertising is also called as subliminal priming. It’s a short and quick message is sent to people in form of text, image, video or as audio. This message can’t be noticed by conscious mind but only by the unconscious mind.

This subliminal advertising only works in certain situations when the brand that is advertised helps the viewer to reach their goal. And it isn’t effective if customer don’t want it to work.

Modern Subliminal Advertising Tools & Techniques
Future of Subliminal advertising - Modern Subliminal Advertising Tools
  1. Relevant brand music in google display ads. (1 second sound in digital display ads to attract customers)
  2. Using color coMbination (M for McDonalds Logo) of a brand logo in google search ads.
  3. Describe smell factor in digital advertising as subliminal ad to steer users for specific purchases.
  4. Displaying food taste in digital subliminal adverts is a good way to influence online food buyers.
  5. Discovering a subliminal way to describe quality of online stuff like cloths, electronics, shoes etc. is a good way to boost customer buying.
Subliminal Messages in Business Logos

Here, we will observe hidden messages in Logo of world’s top three brands and four digital companies.

Subliminal message in Top 3 Brand’s Logo
  1. Coca Cola (Surprisingly, Coca-Cola company didn’t know they had flag of Denmark in their brand’s logo. The Danish flag was discovered inside the ‘o’ symbol of logo).
  2. Unilever (TH swirl in Unilever logo shows company’s passion for great taste and food flavors. While all the icons in ‘U’ symbol of logo describes the variety of products and services Unilever offers for its customers).
  3. Apple (There are many beliefs regarding hidden messages in Apple’s logo, like previously it had Newton’s image sitting under an apple tree, then rainbow apple sign indicates towards Prism Theory of Sir Isaac Newton. Now it’s been said that by combining the heads of new Apple logo will results in showing the face of an alien).
Future of Subliminal advertising - Modern Subliminal Advertising Tools
Future of Subliminal advertising - Modern Subliminal Advertising Tools
Subliminal message in Logo of 4 Digital Companies
  1. Amazon (Orange color arrow sign drawn from A to Z in Amazon logo determines that it offers almost all kind of product/services named from A-Z).
  2. Google (Various random colors in alphabets of google logo tells us that it does not differentiate human race based on color, religion, cast, or anything else. All humans have equal rights and responsibilities).
  3. Microsoft (The four-color box in Microsoft logo points out to 4 different aspects. These are; Orange=busy life, Green=fun, Blue=Calmness, Yellow=Creativity).
  4. Alibaba (The smiley face under the ‘a’ sign in logo of Alibaba represents a happy and satisfied customer).
Future of Subliminal advertising - Modern Subliminal Advertising Tools


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