Guerrilla Marketing: A low-cost marketing strategy

Guerrilla marketing: what is it?

Advertising techniques such as guerrilla marketing are used to generate maximum exposure for a brand or product at a low cost. In 1984, American business writer Jay Conrad Levinson published the book “Guerrilla Advertising”, introducing the term “guerrilla marketing”. The internet has made guerrilla marketing more popular among marketers due to its effectiveness.

Guerrilla Marketing: The Rationale

There is a great deal of creativity involved in guerrilla marketing. A similar concept is employed by guerrilla marketing, which uses tactics such as ambushes, raids, and elements of surprise in a marketing context. This strategy aims to create a lasting impression on the consumer, gain a lot of social media attention, and take the consumer by surprise. It aims to create a lasting and memorable impression on consumers compared to traditional marketing and advertising.

Pop-ups and television ads are becoming less popular since consumers are getting used to traditional advertising methods. YouTube advertisements, for instance, are normally skipped by consumers. It is here that guerrilla marketing stands out – instead of following conventional marketing strategies, it focuses on capturing consumer attention through a sense of surprise.

Marketing Plans: Elements to Consider

The following elements are essential to successful guerrilla advertising:

.     Clever

It is important that guerrilla marketing advertisements are clever so that consumers think about and interpret them after seeing them.

2.     Compelling

Consumers should appreciate advertisements that capture their attention.

3.     Memorable

Consumers should be able to identify with it emotionally.

4.     Interactive

Consumers and the surrounding area should be involved in the process.

Benefits of Guerrilla Marketing

1. Low budget

The goal of guerrilla campaigns is to reach consumers using unconventional methods at a low cost. Brand awareness can be built in a cost-effective manner through this strategy. It is more important to have imagination than budget when implementing such a marketing strategy.

2. Opportunity to go viral

As technology advances and the internet becomes more accessible, consumers can capture memorable impressions and spread them around the globe. Millions of people can be exposed to marketing campaigns that go viral.

3. Memorable

Consumers are left with a lasting impression by guerrilla marketing campaigns because they’re memorable and unconventional. A successful campaign leaves customers amazed, impressed, and eager for more information about the product or service. As a result of this marketing strategy, brands are more likely to be remembered.


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