How to decide right social media platform for brand promotion

How to decide right social media platform for brand promotion
How to decide right social media platform for brand promotion
What kind of social media site should be used as an auxiliary brand for the operation and promotion?

In the past, the budget that companies invested in social media sites only accounted for 9% of the total budget, but it is expected to grow by 100% in the next 5 years. Social networks have become the mainstream generation in the 21st century. From data collection to consumption, people use these communities as new communication channels. When social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram are gradually infiltrating your and my lives and are as indispensable as our spiritual food, many e-commerce sellers also want to use the power of social media to strengthen themselves Some brands have succeeded in assisting their amazing sales through social networks.

Use of social networking sites

For the Internet industry, social networking has a new way to develop new customers, manage customer return, and present the best of the brand to consumers. The content and information provided by social networks are as important to brands as store signs in the 1950s. Businesses can obtain various information about consumers from social networking sites, whether it is effective in marketing to major customer groups, analyzing key customer group data, providing more immediate and convenient services, increasing interaction with consumers, and so on.

  • However, with so many social networking platforms on the market, which platform is right for your brand?
  • Is it necessary for each social platform to operate an account so that it can be “all-in-one”?
First, get rid of the myth that I “have” a piece of the pie

In fact, every social network website has its main customer groups and user preferences. It is very important to choose the right social network operation. After all, if you are a small company or with limited resources, you will not want to spend a lot of time and try and error to run a social network.

For example, for some brands, using Pinterest or LinkedIn is very inefficient, because basically their brand’s target audience will not use these social networking sites or apps at all. Although businessmen can’t help thinking about how to maximize profits, choosing the right market is also very important!

In order to avoid going wrong, in order to allow you to do more with less, the following MarketingSkull will sort out the characteristics of several social networking sites for you as a reference for brand management.

Characteristics of social networking sites
  • Facebook: suitable as an advertising platform for target customers
  • Twitter: Suitable for meaningful content, dialogue or social support
  • Pinterest: food, beauty, fashion
  • Instagram: an attractive physical environment or product
  • LinkedIn: culture, company news, career
How to decide right social media platform for brand promotion
How to decide right social media platform for brand promotion


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