How to Promote and advertise a Photography Business

In this article we will suggest different promotional mix tools to promote a photography business.

Direct Marketing

For direct marketing use pamphlets, brochures and leaflets. We will also suggest doing direct marketing by giving customers their visiting cards and various types of packaging.

Sales Promotion

Provide seasonal discounts and packages for sales promotions such as 2 framed pictures with final album or 20% discount during peak season of wedding etc. as Oct-Dec and Feb -April.


Different medium of advertising such as through cable network and radio can be used for a photography business.

TV channels, fashion magazines and outdoor advertisement is quite expensive. So, cable network and radio can be used after earning some revenues.

Public Relations

Public relationship will be developed by shooting of various events such as charity events or university seminars or photo walks. we also suggest giving photography lessons to promoting public relationship. Other ways of digital link building are;

  1. Website
  2. Blog
  3. Visual email
  4. Visual direct mail
  5. In person portfolio showings
  6. In person networking opportunities
  7. Social online networking
  8. Portal placement
  9. Print source-book
  10. Press
LinkedIn Marketing

To grow your business, the company must have a LinkedIn profile. Here are some ideas to start.

  • Post your profile make it all about business.
  • Don’t highlight and speak about you, put your positioning statement here.
  • Post a link to any recent assignments that you just feel visually walk the mouth of your positioning statement.
  • List any awards you have got been given, any PR articles written about you, or your business.
  • If your current clients aren’t providing you with the kind of labour your positioning statement speaks to, create self-assignments, and post those.
  • Make these links your status updates.
  • Post the links on your blog and take care your blog has quick access to your website where your full body of labour is housed.
  • Use of LinkedIn Groups for social networking
  • Join LinkedIn groups ensuring to hitch groups that your buyers frequent not just photographer-based groups. confirm you write a profile for members that contain your buyer’s ID. See who shows up.

Post questions on LinkedIn and post answers on your website to create a trail from the LinkedIn page to your website.

Make yourself visible. What you don’t want to try and do is join LinkedIn then lay low within the background. Become comfortable living within the foreground.

But you must Stay away from religion, politics and last weekend’s party picks of you.

Marketing using Twitter

My favourite online social tool is Twitter. While LinkedIn is your networking group and Facebook may be a glimpse into you on a more personal level, Twitter shows your personal side through the knowledge you decide on to share.

The first step is to choose what you’ll tweet about. once more confirm your tweets pertain to your business and reflect your personal interests still.

If your tweet topics are supported your work then your topics, buildings, light, architectural restoration, etc. are integral to which you’re.

Social Link Building Example

For example, I’m an Islamic teacher as well as a consultant to photographers. So, I search for people to follow who speak or tweet or share information on these topics.

In addition, I follow photographers who may become clients and might take pleasure in reading what I have to share. As I channelise tweets, I’m showing my potential clients, how I view the planet.

Article Reference; (The Mix – The Marketing Formula of Successful Photographers)


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