How to use Pinterest to grow your business! 12 Tips

How to use Pinterest to grow your business! 12 Tips

Are you having trouble marketing on Pinterest? The best ways to reach your followers, what to post, how to measure, and more are outlined here.

Nine years ago, people probably would have thought they were trying a little too hard to maintain their “early adopter” status if they had been told that 250 million people would be browsing Pinterest images.

Despite this, Facebook shares more referral traffic with shopping sites than the once simple photo-sharing site.

We didn’t realize how important Pinterest was until we tried it.

I feel the same way shopping at Target in real life as I do on Pinterest.

Like James Corden, I sing along to my favorite 1990s song while driving.

You didn’t know you needed secret weapons until you discovered Pinterest

Research for a vacation, inspiration for a new logo design, or even inspiration for a home renovation.

Pinterest’s best feature, however, is that it is very low-commitment compared to other social channels. Fortune recently quoted one of Pinterest’s co-founders as saying that the platform is self-serving.

Throughout this article, I’ll discuss how you can reach your Pinterest following, what you should post, how you should measure, and so much more.

Let’s take a look…

Pin Your Way to Business Success

Pinterest surveyed 8,000 weekly Pinners about their shopping habits in 2022. Following is a summary of their findings:

  • In 90% of cases, Pinners make their purchasing decisions using the app.
  • About 9% of Pinterest users research purchases on the site.
  • Pinterest has an impact on what people buy.

While the platform may not provide the level of scale and reach as other social channels, it has evolved to a more advanced system for on-platform purchases.

Before you jump in and create your Pins, it’s important to think about why your brand is using Pinterest and what you want to achieve.

Considering Pinterest for your business, ask yourself: What benefits will it bring?

My three major Pinterest goals are as follows.

1. Make Pinterest work for your business

Pinterest can help you increase your brand’s exposure and image.

With 77% of Pinners discovering new brands on Pinterest

Your brand equity can be built by posting your product on Pinterest.

An internal Pinterest study found that Pinners who saw Promoted Pins were 40% more likely to know about new products and 50% more likely to purchase them than Pinners who didn’t see them.

You want to make a memorable mark during the purchase cycle, since Pinners take nearly three months to research before making a purchase.

2. Drive traffic to your website

Would you like your website to receive more traffic? We invite you to join us.

  • Users have been able to reach brands through Pinterest and generate awareness.
  • The career-focused website of Anna Runyan garnered 500,000 monthly page views thanks to Pinterest
  • The 50% to 60% of their website traffic comes from Pinterest, according to design
  • In just two months, Pinterest drove 479 visits to Side Hustle Nation.
  • In addition, Pinterest redesigned its feed.
  • Traffic is present. The choice is yours. I’ll keep reading and I’ll show you how

3. Gain new customers and increase sales

  • Equity building is an important part of business.
  • There is nothing better than driving in traffic.
  • The best way to increase the bottom line is to increase sales.
  • This is being taken advantage of by many brands.
  • A brilliant business mom generated $15,000 in sales using Pinterest.
  • The sales of Gravity Blankets increased by 2x, and the cost per sale decreased by 58% acquisition.
  • In terms of ROI, Pinterest offers pretty much everything an e-commerce brand could ask for.
  • Jeremy King, a former Wal-Mart chief technology officer, has been named the new CEO of the company
  • It is likely that we will see more enhancements to ecommerce in the coming months, Head of Engineering.
  • Ecommerce improvements are already visible.

Rather than going around the corners, here’s how you can achieve all these goals on Pinterest directly from the source.

Pinterest: Reach & Grow Your Business

What is the approximate number of pins?

One hundred and seventy-five billion Pins have been created!

How do you get noticed in a feed that has 175 billion Pins? Here’s how it works.

1. Make Your Site Pinterest-Friendly

Add a Pinterest Save button to your website to make sharing easy.

People add more content to Pinterest when they use the Save button.

Pinterest saves more than 50,000 recipes since they added a Save button.

It worked! 130 million impressions were made.

2. Take advantage of Rich Pins

Your audience can take action based on rich pins. It’s like the Big Mac to the Quarter Pounder with cheese.

Rich Pins come in four types: apps, products, recipes, and articles.

As a result of using Rich Pins,’s traffic increased by 40%.

My recommendation is to apply for Rich Pins if you plan on pinning any of the above four types.

3. Your Website Needs a Pinterest Tag

Install the Pinterest Tag if you plan to advertise on Pinterest.

As Pinterest’s ad platform has improved, so have its ads.

Several brands have recently started tracking visitor actions after they see Pinterest ads with conversion optimization ads.

Compared to October 2018, Flaviar’s conversion optimization campaign increased traffic and leads by 409%.

Install the Pinterest Tag, you won’t regret it.

4. Get pins for your products

Pinterest and ecommerce go together like peanut butter and jelly.

The reason for this is that Product Pins must be installed by your developer.

A product pin provides users with a link to purchase the product.

5. Catalogue your products

In the future, brands will be able to upload their entire catalogs to Pinterest. By doing this, you will be able to create dynamic Product Pins for all of your products.

‘Shop the Look’ Pins on Pinterest automatically create dynamic Product Pins for your products with dynamic Product Pins.

6. Make your images stand out

  • Stock photography subscriptions should be deleted by brands.
  • Your brand needs unique images for Pinterest.
  • Make your Pinterest images stand out with these quick tips.

The mobile experience should be designed with this in mind. Pinterest searches are conducted mostly on mobile devices.

The images you use should therefore be of high quality. Pinterest recommends 2:3 and 1:3.5 aspect ratios for images with a minimum width of 600 pixels. Take a look at Target’s example.

Using a natural image will allow your logo and product to be integrated naturally. Your brand image can remain tasteful, less obvious, and gain exposure by integrating your logo or watermark.

Keurig’s solution is shown below.

Text overlays and lifestyle images are useful. Use lifestyle shots to give your customers an idea of what your product is like.

7. Product descriptions should be simple

The fun starts with Pinterest’s product descriptions. It’s a game you’re all too familiar with if you’re an SEO.

You can optimize your product descriptions by following these tips:

  • Make sure it is between 200 and 500 characters long.
  • Price should always be included.
  • Brand names should always be included.

All your descriptions should contain hashtags. Make sure your hashtags relate to your Pin so they can be found on relevant trending topics. Pinterest’s search bar provides autocomplete suggestions if you are unsure which hashtags to use.

 Don’t forget to mention or tag others in your description.

8. Board Optimization

Your Pinterest boards should be optimized similarly to your Pin description via SEO to get started, follow these steps:

  • Determine your top keywords by performing keyword research. You should use these top keywords as the title of your board. 
  • Describe the board in your own words. There are 500 characters available to you, so make the most of them. The call-to-action can also lead to a URL that enables visitors to explore additional products on your website.
  • Make sure the boards you create can be filled. The title of your board shouldn’t say “Red Shoes.” Instead, you should say “Shoes.”
  • In your board description, repeat your board title. 
  • Your board should have a cover photo. 217 x 147 pixels is the recommended size for the graphic.

9. Get Your Followers Engaged

It is vital for your success to network and collaborate in any social channel. It’s similar to making Rice Krispie Treats without sugar if you don’t use marshmallows. There is no way to make it work.

Partnerships are ideal on Pinterest. You can engage your Pinterest audience by using the following strategies:

  • It is possible to create group boards. Last year, Pinterest introduced group boards. Collaborators can be added to boards to collaborate on them.
  • Please leave a comment on your pin. The Popular section of Pinterest can be used to your advantage. Develop a Pin based on a popular Pin that is useful and thought-provoking. It is recommended that you do this twice or three times a day.
  • Don’t be afraid to follow. My weekly following of new accounts ranges from 100 to 300.
  • Seek out people who share your interests (maybe your competitors?).
  • Pinterest’s influencer marketing partners include AspireIQ, Mavrck, and Hypr.
  • Pinterest and influencer marketing are here to stay. You should start planning now for Pinterest and influencer marketing.

Marketers need to get back to the human aspect of their work.

10. Promote your pins

Businesses pay to promote regular Pins, but promoted Pins look the same as regular Pins.

Relevant search results and home feeds show them.

This is how it looks.

What’s better still?

For every dollar spent on advertising, promoted Pins earn $2 in profit.

The average cost per new customer for LitJoy Crate was $3 to $5, sometimes as low as $2 in some cases. Compared to their average marketing channel, their CPA is 70% lower.

The affiliate revenue she earned from her Pinterest ads was over $1,200 within 30 days, you can launch a campaign.

To determine if Promoted Pins are right for your business, try them out on a small budget first.

11. Keep pinning

Does one or two Pinterest posts suffice? Don’t believe it.

The more frequently you post, the more engagement you will receive.

Using Buffer, you can pin 10 times per day and increase engagement on Pinterest by 150%.

The number of pins that work best has been the subject of several interesting studies.

In a study conducted by, 72 pins per day were found to be the most effective method for producing quality results. Some people stick to 30-50 pins a day, while others don’t.

Your face would probably look like this if you had to manage that much content every day.

You can find trendy topics to pin every day on Pinterest if you aren’t sure what to pin  year. Put out content that your customers want to hear, not stuff they don’t care about.

12. Don’t forget to re-pin

Repining other Pins can also be an effective way of engaging and interacting with other Pinners.

Essentially, repining others’ content increases your chances of having them repin yours.

Pinterest’s algorithm also takes into account repins. It is more likely that you will appear in search results if you have more repins.

Pinterest for Business: Key Takeaways

It’s not just a social network anymore. People are searching for products differently because of it.

It’s no secret that Pinterest often feels like the social media kid next door. Nevertheless, it’s a search engine, so it’s bound to do that.

Pinterest has so much more to offer than we’ve explored so far. Pinterest needs to be explored more by marketers.

As Ryan Probasco puts it, “Pinterest has a big mission: helping people discover new things and connect with what they love.”

A Pinterest marketing strategy that lasts can only be built when we realize its potential.

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