Identify Project Quality Objectives, Standards, Roles & Responsibilities

Project Quality Objectives

Quality Objectives are the goals set for the Project Deliverables (products, services, and results) or its Processes.  Some of the common types of quality objectives on a construction project could be:

  • Overall Ensure grade-1 construction and furnishing standards
  • Defects A goal for conformance to specifications such as 0.1% of items failing quality control and 0% of products being shipped with a defect (Seller’s Objective in a procurement contract to supply some furnishing materials)
  • Timeliness On-time performance of activities, with less than 1% lateness
  • Safety Zero safety incidents
  • Accuracy (If anything better than the contractual requirement)
  • Precision (If anything better than the contractual requirement)
  • Customer Satisfaction Meet or exceed Customer Satisfaction
Identify Project Quality Objectives, Standards, Roles & Responsibilities

Quality Standards

Quality Standards (QS)are industrial standards, and governmental, legal, or regulatory constraints that apply to the project.  For example, on a construction project in Islamabad, following QS may apply:

Standard and Area
  • BSI or ASTM Building Materials, Ancillary Systems & Soil Testing
  • CDA Byelaws Building Plans
  • PEC Standards Civil Engineering including services
  • PPRA Rules Procurements
  • EPA Standards Environment
  • OHS Health & Safety of workers at the project site
  • Any Customer’s Quality Standards agreed and written in the Contract or discovered while Collecting Customer’s Requirements
Following Standards stand for.
  1. BSI: British Standards Institution
  2. ASTM: American Society for Testing & Materials
  3. PEC: Pakistan Engineering Council
  4. EPA: Environmental Protection Agency
  5. OHS: Occupational Health & Safety
Quality Roles & Responsibilities

Quality Planning and Implementation requires a team who are to perform the following Roles & Responsibilities.  Who is to perform which responsibility is clearly mentioned in the Quality Management Plan:

Identify Project Quality Objectives, Standards, Roles & Responsibilities
Identify Project Quality Objectives, Standards, Roles & Responsibilities
  • Quality Policy
  • Quality Management
  • Quality Planning
  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality Audits
  • Quality Control
  • Quality Inspections
  • Quality Reports
Managing Project Quality

Aka Quality Assurance is the process of implementing the Quality Plan and ensuring that the Quality Objectives are met and that ineffective processes and causes of Poor Quality are identified.  Specifically,

  • The focus is on the processes used in the project
  • Standards are followed and met to assure that the final product will meet the Stakeholders’ needs, expectations, and requirements
  • It is a Conformance Cost in the Cost of Quality framework
  • Quality tools
Controlling Project Quality

It ensures that the project Outputs are complete, correct, compliant with standards and meet the Customer expectations.  This is done by measuring, monitoring, and controlling all steps, attributes, and variables used to verify conformance or compliance to the specifications.


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