Instagram or Pinterest – Where to promote your business

Instagram: eye-catching photos

According to the survey, almost more than half of Instagram users (3 million people) log on to this social network every day, and their main strength is pictures. It is a relatively friendly platform for brands because it does not filter or hide any dynamics or present them in a chaotic manner.

Instagram is more suitable for a brand that has a physical environment display space and many products and accessories can be displayed on the same screen. For example, clothing and accessories can be displayed and displayed together at the same time. It is also easy to take beautiful and eye-catching photos, and even tell the story of the product through photos, which is very suitable for using Instagram. However, if the brand does not meet the above content, as long as it can create a creative strategy, such as UGC (user generate content) that allows consumers to actively create traffic for the brand, with consistent hashtags and video discussions, Instagram can also do Brand image or sales volume brings a dazzling wind.

Movies can allow products to be presented in more diversified ways, such as interactions in virtual situations. At the same time, it can also enhance consumers’ social trust in products and get closer to consumers’ lives. When the distance and barrier between the consumer and the product is less, the probability of purchase is greater. For example, before purchasing the product, consumers can know the various possibilities of the product through the video. At the same time, the reason why UGC brings the amazing benefits is also because most consumers (nearly 70%) will accept the comments of other users. Videos often bring heated discussion strings, and even users reply on their own, forming an endlessly expanding loop.

Note: UGC is to allow users to create topics on their own, allowing netizens to have a stage for self-expression through the film, and at the same time, they may receive feedback from manufacturers. It has a great communication effect and can often bring bonus points to the brand.

Pinterest: food, beauty, fashion

The style of Pinterest website design is very exquisite. It is presented in the form of an icon “Bulletin Board”. Currently, the number of users is about 30% and it is increasing year by year. But what is amazing is that 85% of users are women! In addition, according to Mill ward Brwon’s survey, 87% of users are used to finding and buying things on Pinterest.

The five categories of topics that these users prefer to search on Pinterest are: food, home decoration, clothing accessories, hairdressing and beauty, and health and fitness. Among them, food and beverage account for nearly 80%, and home decoration accounts for 60%.

Therefore, if your brand is within the above five categories, it is very suitable to use Pinterest as the main social network.

Bonus for your knowledge

LinkedIn culture, company news, career

LinkedIn users are older than other social networking sites. Most of them are between 30-64 years old. The usage rate accounts for about 28% of the adult market, and most of them are college graduates. People use LinkedIn mostly because of job search needs or as a communication channel between colleagues. Therefore, in order to manage social network relationships through LinkedIn, you must realize that users are usually people who are interested in your company, such as looking for a job or business partner, and it is useless for product marketing and promotion.

Instagram or Pinterest – Where to promote your business
Instagram or Pinterest – Where to promote your business


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