Koovs.com vs Daraz.pk – SWOT Analysis

Koovs.com vs Daraz.pk - SWOT Analysis

Koovs.com vs Daraz.pk - SWOT Analysis


Claimed to be the largest online wholesale subsidiary store in India and Pakistan. It was established in 2009 and it’s a public online store which provides branded fashion cloths and other accessories online.

  • Higher (84.81%) rate of customer engagement via social media platforms
  • Excellent site ranking on Alexa
  • Strong brand recognition but weak awareness compared to daraz.pk
  • Deliver high quality luxury products
  • Higher rate of satisfied customers
  • Low spam score (1% via Moz SEO tools)
  • Highly recommended and preferred by top class customers of Indian and Pakistani market.
  • Lack of organizational structure (0 employees)
  • New entry in Pakistani market
  • Low of customer support system due to lack of working staff.
  • Domain authority is 49 (less than Daraz)
  • Ranking keywords are only 2.6 thousand
  • Low page loading speed (on mobile loading speed is 24 seconds to interactive with site content
  • Can become the best online branded stuff selling store in India even in Pakistan.
  • Good opportunity to improve domain authority by just removing unused JavaScript’s and eliminating render blocking resources.
  • Trust issues (some customer claims of receiving fake branded products
  • Cost is too high even after sales
  • Page loading speed on mobile is 6 while on desktop its 35 which is too bad
  • (source; Google Page speed insights)


Daraz is an online Pakistan based retail store which provides almost all kind of subsidiary products both for men and women.  (E.g. footwear, clothes, jewelry, stationary, electronics and supplementary household items). It was founded in 2012.

  • Employee power (3626 employees)
  • Market leader in online Pakistani market.
  • Strong brand awareness and recognition
  • 1/3 of site users visit Daraz directly
  • Fast response rate (on average replies within 2-3 hours of customer queries and orders)
  • Domain authority is 58
  • 5 thousand ranking keywords
  • Better page speed than koovs.com
  • 8 percent spam score
  • Poor page loading speed
  • (Mobile loading score is 17 and 44 on desktop based on Google Page Speed insights)
  • Low social media engagement (25.2% engagement score)
  • Weak website ranking
  • Higher percentage of dissatisfied customers
  • Provides 87% low quality products
  • There is a window of opportunity to improve page loading speed
  • Reducing spam score will help improvising its domain authority
  • Safety issues
  • So much URL and sites clutter which makes difficult for new customers to find official Daraz store.
  • Lengthy buying procedure
Koovs.com vs Daraz.pk - SWOT Analysis


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