List of 40 Activities for Network Diagram Project

List of 40 Activities for Network Diagram Project
List of 40 Activities for Network Diagram Project

Here is the list of 40 activities to make a network diagram and network table for your stats, operation research or project management assignments or final projects.

Topic Name;

A Trip to Neelam valley and Azad Kashmir

The Trip has been arranged by Muhammad Taha. He is a head of Hill hawks adventure club. He has arranged a trip for 3 nights and 2 days to Neelam valley and Azad Kashmir. The tasks that he performed with the help of his friends are following:

  1. He planned in his mind to go for that trip
  2. He made a flow chart on a chart paper to arrange activities and that took 1 day that was on 30th April 2016.
  3. He arranged multiple people (friends to divide the work) Members Asmat, Waqar, Faizaan)
  4. Taha (event head) assigned bus arrangement and public relations to asmat.
  5. Taha assigned Waqar for arrangement of foods required for 3 days trip.
  6. Taha assigned Faizaan for marketing the trip and arrange finance and for filling up of stamp paper by every individual for security purpose.
  7. Taha make the broachers to list the attributes of the event and mentioned it on the broacher at 8 am in the morning on 1st May 2016. He completed this activity at 10 am
  8. At 10 am he went to a computer shop for printing the broachers. Broachers took 1 hour to print.
  9. at 11 am he called Faizaan to get the broachers. Faizaan drive to the print shop and it took 15 minutes to reach to that shop.
  10. at 11.15 am Faizaan got print papers and ran towards Bahria university to attach broachers at different places of Bahria university. all this activity took 2 hours 15 min for drive to university and 30 minutes to attach the broachers at notice board of Bahria university.
  11. at 12 pm Taha and Faizaan went back to asmat and Waqar’s home to pick them and arrange other activities. This activity took 30 minutes to pick them both.
  12. at 12.30 pm we went to Faizabad for the arrangement of bus and a driver. It took 1 hour to find a suitable driver as our requirement of cost. Bus confirmed at 1.30 pm
  13. at 1.30 pm we moved to Habibie restaurant at 18 Markaz for lunch. it took 1 hour, and we get free at 2.30 pm from lunch.
  14. after the lunch at 2.30pm we arranged food for the trip and talked to different restaurants on our way to trip. it took 2 hours to talk to different restaurants at different places. The tables and food menu assured reserved at the time we reach to that restaurants.
  15. at 4.30pm we sit together and arranged different attractive activities in the trip. Taha talked to jeep safari service at arrange Khel valley. He confirmed that activity on the phone in 15 minutes.
  16. after that at 4.45 pm Taha called his friend that was living at Sharda valley. He arranged bonfire to celebrate the event at 1st night of our trip. it took 15 minutes to assign the task to his Taha’s friend named Hasan.
  17. at 5 pm Taha went to meet his friend living next to his home who was a photographer and it took 1 hour to talk to him and arrange the camera and photographer.
  18. Next Day, on 2nd May Faizaan got phone calls from the people who were interested in the trip. Faizaan took first phone call at 10 am in the morning and the group confirmed 4 tickets. that call took 15 minutes.
  19. on the same day at 2pm Faizaan got 2nd call from the group of 8 guys who were interested in the trip and confirmed 6 tickets.
  20. next day at 11 am, 5 girls on a group called to confirm the tickets.
  21. Now in total there were 8+5+4+3+1+1=22 members are going for the trip at 13 may till 15th May 2016. on 10 may Faizaan personally meet every group/member to fill up the forms by every individual going for the trip. that form was called stamp paper to take security formalities for the trip and that whole activity took a day to filled it up.
  22. at 13th morning at 6 am the bus reached at the main gate of Bahria university and all the people were ready to go. People took 1 hour for sitting arrangement at the bus and luggage arrangement at the top of the bus.
  23. at 7 am the bus moved from the Bahria university and it took 4 hours to reach to Muzaffarabad from Islamabad.
  24. at 11 am the bus reached Muzaffarabad and stopped there for 30 minutes for a break and snacks.
  25. at 11.30pm bus moved towards Dhani valley river view that was 2-hour drive from Muzaffarabad. The bus reached there at 1.30 pm and stopped.
  26. All people enjoyed the view and swim.
  27. photographer took pictures at that time and these two activities took 2 hours.
  28. at 3.30 pm all the people moved towards the restaurant near river and had lunch which took 1 hour.
  29. at 4.30 pm the bus moved towards Sharda valley that was 2 hours far away from Kiran valley river. bus reached at the hotel at 6.30 pm and all the people arranged in their rooms.
  30. at 8 pm at night all people arranged together beside the hotel and did bonfire and took photos as well. all this activity took 3 hours including dinner.
  31. Next day, at 8 am in the morning all people did breakfast at the hotel and it took 1 hour.
  32. at 9 am the bus and all the people moved towards Khel valley that was 4 hours away from Sharda valley. The non-stop journey end at 1 pm and had lunch and that took 1 hour.
  33. at 2 pm people arranged the hiking trip which started at 2 pm and end at 5 pm in the evening.
  34. at 5 pm in the evening all the people sit together near the park at hotel and play game. that game took 2 hours to end.
  35. at 7 pm they had diner and go to sleep.
  36. last day of trip, people moved towards Talbott valley and arrange Khel valley in safari jeeps and that jeeps moved at 10 am & reached there at the highest mountain of the place at 3 pm
  37. People took selfies and enjoy the weather for 1 hour
  38. at 4 pm they walked and returned to the Khel and reached back at hotel at 7 pm.
  39. Finally, after the dinner at 8 pm at the hotel

the trip moved towards Islamabad at 9 pm night and reached Islamabad at 6 am in the morning.


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