Changing ‘Made in China’ brand myth in US – Anker Example

Changing 'Made in China' brand myth in US – Anker Example

Changing 'Made in China' brand myth in US – Anker Example

When it comes to ‘Made in China’, most people usually don’t think of a few stereotypes right away: cheap, counterfeit, massive, low-end, not durable, fake, and explosive. However, Chinese mobile power manufacturer Anker broke this stereotype.

Anker brand success is not in China, but on Amazon in Europe and the United States ranks first in the hot-selling list, with annual revenue of more than 100 million US dollars. It accounted for as high as 40%, and how long did it all take? Four years. How does it do it? What enlightenment does it give Pakistani manufacturers?

A Google engineer who gave up tens of millions of annual salaries to realize a brand dream that changed the impression of “Made in China”

The founder of Anker, Yang Meng, is a 33-year-old young man. After studying at the University of Texas in the United States, he entered Google, a Silicon Valley company that everyone envied, but in 2011 he gave up his job as a software engineer with an annual salary of NT$10 million. He returned to China to establish an e-commerce store and used his own brand Anker to focus on laptop peripheral products such as chargers and power banks.

Yang Meng discovered that Chinese manufacturing is labelled as low-end and cheap overseas, but he understands the habits of overseas consumers and knows that as long as the products have design characteristics, good consumer experience, and strict quality control, good products made in China with high cost performance will be sold. There is a lot to do overseas.

Changing 'Made in China' brand myth in US – Anker Example
Anker Customers

SOSTAC model is to directly face European and American consumers through cross-border e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay. He started from the e-commerce platform Amazon in the US market. He believes that in the past traditional foreign trade B2B methods included foreign procurement. In addition to eating up profits, these intermediate links, such as merchants and distributors, cannot get the first line of customer reactions in the market. And through the cross-border e-commerce platform, the company can directly face overseas consumers, so that Anker can quickly respond to consumers’ preferences and positive and negative opinions about products, and can speed up the improvement of product shortcomings in production to better meet consumer needs and improve consumers Experience. For Mark, cross-border e-commerce platforms to do a good job in making it bigger and longer-term, it must have good products and trusted brands. Therefore, he registered the brand in the United States and invested his profits in independent product research and development. It’s not just OEM products from the factory.

Anker 1st rank on Amazon

At present, Anker ranks first in Amazon’s search rankings for products of the same type in multiple computer peripherals such as power banks and Bluetooth keyboards, and the evaluation is as high as 4.9 stars to 5 stars. This is on platforms like Amazon. The above is very important. The first-ranked product indicates that its products and services are recognized by consumers as first-class, which will cause the product to generate a positive cycle, introduce more traffic and the actual number of purchases, and then Open the gap with the latecomers. Yang Meng, 33, said that his company has grown from 1,000 orders per day on Amazon four years ago to 20,000 to 30,000 orders per day. As of last year, the total global turnover has exceeded 100 million US dollars. To grow by another 50%, and the goal is to go public in 2017.

What made Anker’s rocket growth?
Quality, quality, and quality are very important, so I have to say three times.

Good product quality is the key to success on cross-border e-commerce platforms. The strategy of grabbing the market at low prices may win for a while, but it will not last long. Anker has more than one hundred engineers in the product development department. These people have worked in the world’s top hardware companies such as Huawei, Siemens, etc., ensuring that Anker can maintain the leading position in the global market in terms of product technology, design and quality. status.

Anker Customer reviews software

At the same time, Anker also develops software to collect consumer reviews on Amazon, product price changes, etc., so that product managers can grasp the problems of different products and help them predict which products will have the greatest customer demand in the future. In-depth research on consumers through the e-commerce platform allows Anker to quickly adjust old products and quickly launch new products.

Every week, Anker has 2 to 3 new product releases, and they have launched more than 150 products in the past six months, And the inventory of new products is usually sold out within two months, and consumer ratings are maintained at 4.5 stars or more.


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