O Level Student Personal Statement Example

Example of an O Level Student Personal statement
O Level Student Personal statement Example


My name is David Holmes and I am 21 years old. I did O Levels from National Defense School in 2019 and recently appeared in A level from the same prestigious institute. National Defense School is a well-known school for providing its students with a platform that enhances their academic as well as extracurricular abilities. I choose Economics, Business Studies and Accounting in my A-levels and during this time period I developed great interest in the field of business and management. I was part of my school’s student council and organized various events in my capacity. Also, I remained an active member of our school’s sports team. I was the volleyball team captain and vice-captain of our football team and represented my school at various interschool tournaments. My achievements include winning 3 volleyball and 2 football tournaments and being the runner up of various tournaments. Moreover, I also have the experience of organizing the first ever inter school tournament of National Defense School as the Director Security.

Why Bachelor of Commerce

I aspire to be an executive in a thriving Business corporation. In my college days, I use to handle the financial and logistics departments of events and was always commended for handling my duties well.  I am interested in learning how businesses and large multinational corporations work and deal with each other to gain knowledge about the workings of the business world. Therefore, Business Studies is my most preferred subject as it can help me enhance my comprehension of the business transactions. I strongly believe that such a course will not only satisfy my need but at the same time develop it and make it better as well. With the appropriate studies I believe that I will be capable of becoming a successful employ and manager and proving to be an asset to whatever corporation I join. This broad subject can also help me in learning to manage people; how to make decisions; how to assess markets and think logically. Business Studies is ranked high for return on investment in the form of higher starting salaries in the marketplace. Positions in finance, accounting and international business have particularly high entry-level salaries in particular.

Why choose Canada and (ICM) International College of Manitoba in University of Manitoba

Canada is one of the best countries in the world in terms of its education systems. It is well-known for its high academic standard and use of modern systems in core academic facilities. A degree from Canada is globally recognized and helps in securing jobs in the best business corporations in the world. Canada provides a distinct international experience to its students as living in a community of diverse individuals helps to broaden the perspectives of a student which later on help in career. The official language of Canada is also English which is a lot more preferable than any other language that I may have to learn as I would easily be able to communicate with the people and stay involved in my community. The education offered in Canada is less costly and the living cost is affordable too.

I applied to (ICM) International College of Manitoba in UTP stage 1 business for two reasons. ICM is a pathway to University of Manitoba. Secondly, I am interested in the prospect of studying with students from all over the world so that I can get maximum benefit of communicating with people having different ideas to be more innovative and broadminded and I believe that University of Manitoba will provide me an opportunity to achieve what I always desired. Apart from on-campus student diversity, the city of Winnipeg is also host to different communities and is located in the heart of Canada. It is ranked the 5th largest city in Canada and is one of the most affordable cities in the country with a very low crime rate. University of Manitoba receives a lot of money from Manitoba State and therefore, boasts a large number of research facilities and opportunities for students. The faculty is also world renowned. Professors like Frank Plummer-the recipient of the 2014 Killam Prize in health sciences- provide a rich learning experience to students.

Financial Support

My Father will be financing my studies. He has been living in Bologna, Italy for 12 years and owns two mini supermarkets in the city. He is earning a monthly profit of 3500-4500 Euros that are equivalent to 5183-6664 CAD. He has already paid half year tuition fee (CAD 8524/-).  Moreover, he owns two houses, one house has a net worth of 25 million PKR (316185/- CAD) and the other has net worth 15 million PKR (189711/- CAD).  He also owns 2 plots in Islamabad having approximate worth of 19,000,000 PKR (242,207/- CAD). His total yearly earnings thus approximate to (89832/- CAD). My father is therefore willing to pay all my tuition fee, accommodation and living expenses of the duration of study in Canada.

Travel History

I have been frequently visiting my father in Italy from time to time. I have also travelled to Germany and other European countries via road, but I prefer to study in English speaking country as there are no language barriers.

Career Goals

There are plenty of opportunities for commerce graduates in both public and private organizations of Pakistan. This degree will provide with the opportunity to develop networks through real-world experiences.

After the completion of commerce degree, I will be equipped with the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to pursue a career within the business, government and not-for-profit sectors. Bachelor of commerce is an industry-relevant degree and has been designed and taught by professional. There are lots of opportunities for commerce graduate in financial and insurance services, consulting, information management and marketing and communications sector in both Pakistan and Gulf countries.


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