Project charter with detailed scenario example

project scope tableproject title

Project Title

Start Date

Project Manager

Functional Manager

Organization type

H-A-R-N-S (A Shopping Assistant App)




Hybrid Organizational Structure

Project Description


H-A-R-N-S is an independent project. It focuses on creation and launch of a ‘Shopping Assistant App’ developed by the MS Project Management students of Bahria University Islamabad with the assistance of BUIC MarketingSkull Pvt ltd funding. For now, this application is designed to target Pakistan’s FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) retailers and will be expanded globally following its successful launch in Pakistan.

Vision: To make online shopping experience as convenient as possible.

Mission: Our IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) based software, and devices are designed to perform intelligently to deliver better user experience.

Objectives: Business and Technological

  1. Business Objectives:
    1. Freedom of doing grocery shopping smartly with full control.
    2. Reach a larger audience for online shopping.
  • Create marketing intelligence for customized shopping experience.
  1. Use the knowledge gained in improving business operations like resource optimization, supply chain planning, costs control and related.
  2. Successfully create verticals within business around the concept.
  1. Technological Objectives: Enhance customer experience by mitigating or transforming technical/technological errors.

Project Scope

This project includes development of a smart ecommerce based integrable application that will connect with all ecommerce shopping journey touch points. Development phases will include an MVP which will initially provide smaller customizations and machine learning. The same will be then updated by a version that learns to adapt, makes smart decisions, and provides larger decision-making insights to businesses. This project will be based on developing principles of data processing, variables analysis, real time decision making, and improvement over time. It will provide an interactive shopping experience to the consumers while learning from their shopping behaviors. It can help make smarter marketing decisions tailored to profiling and relevancy. It will provide intelligent insights to business owners to help plan procurement, warehousing, inventory, and logistics in an optimized manner. It should help reduce inventory redundancies by 80% provided we inject 10 years of recent data. It should help plan warehouse geological expansions most suited based on buying patterns and demand anticipations thus practically assuring success of an expansion plan. This system can also boost customer loyalty to a 90% mark improving constantly over time with the help of its customized shopping experience capabilities.


Scope ID in Phases



Budget Baseline

Schedule Baseline



Android, iPhone, API


07/07/2022 – 09/09/2022


Web & landing pages

Plugin, Extensions


10/09/2022 – 25/09/2022



AWS (Amazon Web Services) Dedicated Servers


26/09/2022 – 29/09/2022


1-2 Intro Screens

How to use written and visual steps


30/09/2022 – 04/10/2022


Basic Analytics

GA4 (Google Analytics 4) & ACE (Adobe Cloud Experience) Integration and syncing system


05/10/2022 – 18/10/2022


Order Tracking

Transparent Auto-Visual Order tracking system


19/10/2022 – 09/11/2022


Third Party Integrations

Payments, Chats, Delivery, IoT devices


10/11/2022 – 03/12/2022


Cloud Backup

Auto AWS (Amazon Web Services) Backup


07/07/2022 – 09/07/2022


Load testing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Speed, Auto data screening system


07/07/2022 – 31/12/2022


UI/UX Design

Easy to use infrastructure with minimal steps


04/12/2022 – 31/12/2022

Total Project Duration:

5 months and 25 days (incl. holidays, weekends) with estimated initial investment of 1,407,500 and baseline cost of 90,5000



Business Case

Now 84% of project-oriented organizations have already adopted formal IoT project implementation practices. Businesses offering top-notch service gain customers’ loyalty 77% more. Rising costs of conventional methods, COVID, changes in customer shopping behavior and many other factors have shifted the dynamics of shopping. Emerging use of technologies, data sciences, IOT (Internet of Things), and smartphone apps have made it convenient for businesses to learn with the help of digital channels and use it to improve and tailor shopping experiences best suited to customer needs requirements.

To solve this problem for both businesses and consumers, we designed this product that integrates with smart warehouses, retail shops, smartphones, and information systems to provide a customized and interactive shopping experience to the consumers while building actionable data to lower costs and maximize profits for the businesses.

Project Implementation Plan

Project Management Approach (scrum and Agile Approach with MVP -Minimum Viable Product)

Project management approach we will take for development of this project will be based on the iterative and incremental model based on situations of different project phases (as it’s a hybrid organizational structure). We will establish an MVP for basic data storage and integration. Further to that the adaptive methodology approach will seek feedback to develop the principles that the system will be based on. These principles will include data processing, decision making, and improving over time. It will be tested based on different scenarios before rolling out is made. QA (Quality Assurance) and Testing will be an integral part of the feedback loop and update roll-out.



Benefits & Measures

Project manager

two – four Weeks data collection from the market (RFI)

Direct sales

Business Analyst

Gather business requirements that need for a project. e.g., RFI (request for information), RFQ (request for quotation), RFP (request for proposal)

Reliance: Reduced customer service costs

Developer to develop the product

Four Weeks for data upload

Service and speed optimization

Quality engineer to ensure the product quality

One Week testing

Reduced travel costs: No crowded Lines or queues in stores to checkout

Financer/Accountant who manages and monitor the budget/cost need to develop the product

One to two Week changes insertion

Reduce the human efforts: Incremental sales resulting from enhanced promotional/salesperson effectiveness

Budget estimation 1,407,500

Two to three Weeks Deployment

Possibility to get overall information about all visitors and purchasers and use it for marketing

Digital cart

Two Weeks Training

AI for future buying

Testing environments

One Week Closing.

Control the damages in stores


Budget Overview


Initial Fixed investment in App

Cost in PKr

Other Variable Costs

PKR Cost

Hardware (e.g., servers)


Search-engine registration


Software (e.g., IoT software App, Plugin, API, Extension)


Management (35%) & Contingency Reserves (65%)


Development (e.g., third-party site design and development, Payment Integration, Delivery Integration)


Project management, and customer support Teams (e.g., Salaries, facilities)




Total Initial Investment


Key Stakeholders

Stakeholder Register






v  Sponsor


Direct – High

Primary Ext/Int

Keep satisfied & Informed

v  Customers

FMCG Retailers


Primary – Internal

Keep satisfied

v  UX/UI designers

Asmat Ullah

Direct – High

Primary – Internal


v  QA Engineers

IT Verticals, QorData etc.


Secondary – Internal


v  Developers

Hussam Zain

Direct – High

Primary – Internal


v  Business Analysts

Naila Shahid

Direct – High

Primary – Internal

Keep Informed

v  Functional Manager

Raheel Ashraf Malik

Direct – High

Primary – Internal

Keep satisfied & Informed

v  Project Managers

Asmat & Saba

Direct – High

Primary – Internal

Keep satisfied & Informed

v  Project Team


Direct – High

Primary – Ext/Int

Monitor & Keep Informed

v  End-Users

Pakistani Online Shoppers

Indirect – Low

Primary – External

Keep satisfied

v  Government

Govt. of Pakistan

Indirect – High

Secondary – External

Keep satisfied & Informed

v  Competitors

IoT, App, Web development companies and freelancers

Indirect – Medium

Secondary – External


v  Media

Dawn, ARY, SAMA etc.

Indirect – Low

Secondary – External

Keep Informed

v  Consultants

Consultancy Agencies

Indirect – Low

Secondary – External

Keep Informed

v  Other IT Employees

BUIC IT Department

Indirect – Medium

Secondary – Ext/Int

Keep Informed


Expected Risk and issues





Mitigating Actions

Inability to recruit skilled resource


Very High

Outsource project to a company with proven industry experience and appropriately skilled staff

Technology solution is unable to deliver required results



Complete a pilot project to prove the full technology solution

Additional capital expenditure may be required in addition to that approved



Maintain strict capital expenditure processes during the project

Project timeline may become longer post MVP


 Very High

Feedback loop needs to be standardized to have a holistic modelling approach that will remove the possibilities of repeated feedback needs.

Privacy literacy and possible issues



 Constant awareness pertaining to use of information and consumer consent will be a priority to overcome possible issues arising from it.

Data Protection & Security



Security protocols and encryption of data will be an integral add-on part of the product.

Evolving technology will require newer versions to be released



Frequent updates relating to evolving technologies will need to be kept in plan and rolled out after testing.





Resolution Actions

Required capital expenditure funds have not been budgeted


Request funding approval as part of this proposal

Required computer software is only at ‘beta’ phase and has not yet been released live


Design solution based on current software version and adapted changes to solution once the final version of the software has been released


Project Assumptions & Constraints


Project Assumptions

Project Constraints

There will be no technological, legislative, business strategy or policy changes during this project

The financial budget allocated is fixed and does not allow for overspending

The product development team is technologically well-versed to carry out the exact required task.

Time for completion of the project is integral and delay may affect if technologies change.

Funds required for any possible delays in the timeline are easily available.

Additional resources requirement will affect the timeline as approvals will be required.

Prices of required services will not increase by a lot during the project

There are limited technical resources available for the project.

Additional human resources will be available from the business to support the project.

Smart technologies are a must for service providers to have to obtain maximum benefit.

Data laws will permit use of this product to improve customer experience and business resources and processes optimizations.

Integrations are successfully possible with the warehouse, logistics, ERP (Enterprise resource planning), customers, and transportation.

The technical solution must be implemented after-hours to minimize the operational impact on the business.

QA and testing will provide the required feedback to make sure App is free of errors and working as per user requirements , so to complete the development in a timely manner.







Project Sponsor


Project Review Group


Project Managers


Quality Manager


Communication Manager





Project Closure


Closing Date: 31-12-2022

Project closure will be based on occurrence of following events.

Success Criteria:

All deliverables have been successfully met Product is created, integrations have been done, and 1 demo business has been successfully tested with it.

Partial Success:

Partial of the success criteria has been met Product is created but integrations have not been done or tested.

Contingency Plan:

In case the project comes to a halt or partial completion, the work done and work remaining will need to be transferred to a capable third party for completion.

Exit Strategy:

Exit strategy for incomplete project will include taking over the assets and clearing any dues as well as signing termination contracts.


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