Project Proposal Sample For Business Studies Students


Project proposal is about the “Moderating Impact of Workers Involvement on Workforce Diversity, Organisational Learning Culture and Organisational Performance”


We have chosen the topic Workforce Diversity as this is essential for today’s organisations to eradicate these challenges and manage its entire workforce without the discrimination.

Problem Statement:

The discrimination attitude of some workforce, identity of individuals, gender, ethnicity, political influence, low literacy rate, and cooperation’s amongst workers has been extended in same diverse organisation beyond limits and it reduces the moral and has negative impact on the performance of employees.

Research Question:
  • “Does organisational performance increase through employee involvement?”

Objectives of this study can be defined as:

  • To find out the impacts of the workforce diversity on employee and organisational performance.
  • By giving explanation about the limitations and the benefits of the workforce diversity.
  • Highlighting the tools required for organising the workplace diversity.
  • For observing the force of employee involvement on the bond of workforce diversity and organisational performance
Study Gap:

The gap is to achieve workforce diversity in today’s era of globalisation and to better compete in the marketplace to attain organisational goals.

Research Methodology:

A detailed outline of how the investigation (research) will take place.

The research design of the present study includes the quantitative research, data were collected from questionnaires, population is telecom industry in Pakistan and the sample is Rawalpindi and Islamabad sector. And the collected data will be analysed by different statistical techniques. Current study is descriptive based study that provides description of each variable. Correlation is run to investigate the relationship between independent (workforce diversity, organisational learning culture), moderator (employee involvement) and dependent variable (organisational performance) to know how independent variables change the dependent variable. If a change in independent variable causes a change in dependent variable the correlation can either be positive or negative. The population for this study is employees of telecom company Ufone in the both cities Rawalpindi and Islamabad.


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