RPG Games SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis of RPG Games on social media platforms is concisely explained below based on marketers’ observations.

  • Deployment Platform Benefit: Facebook been the best of all social media platforms means more customers could be targeted
  • Location: Launching a game in regions like UK and America which are well developed and are aware with gaming technologies means the success of this game are high
  • Genre Selection: RPG been the #5 in best type of genre for gaming based on Straits Research, meaning that the target market is of huge numbers
  • Platform Dependencies: Releasing the game on a Social Media which is accessible by browser or app means console users will be left out
  • Advertisement: Due to the nature of the product been a game, many advertisement platforms don’t allow games to be advertised.
  • Age Restriction: Been an RPG and the name itself “World War” promoting violence, not every customer can access the game due to age restrictions.
  • Content: Not every game can have everlasting content in it for users to play especially for RPG’s hence keeping customers playing It for indefinite time is very difficult
  • Story Taste: Due to the nature of game (RPG) only one type of story line has to be followed meaning it might not be every one’s cup of tea
  • Platform: As Facebook become successful due to its user base many other social media platforms are also starting to be successful meaning the game could also be released on those platforms
  • Success Opportunities: Been a startup company if the game is successful, it could give the company more opportunities to develop more games of other types.
  • Revenue: A large amount of revenue could be generated by controlled in-app advertising based on user preference
  • Lawsuits: RPG games are the ones that are subjected to lawsuits in different region due to freedom of choosing paths in games that may lead to something illegal in a region.
  • Piracy: Piracy leads to giving contents of the game for free for certain user without spending any penny which is directly related to revenue decreasing.
  • Copyright Infringement: The game could be sold on different platforms other then Facebook itself without the consent of the developer which results in loss of revenue and partnership trust between both companies


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