Security Flaws and Trust Issues in Careem – Car Booking App

Security Flaws and Trust Issues in Careem - Car Booking App

Security Flaws and Trust Issues in Careem - Car Booking App

Careem is an app-based car service that connects people to rides in a matter of minutes, at the tap of a button. It provides reliable, safe, convenient and affordable transport. Its customers can book a car on the Careem apps and website, or by calling a call center. Careem, has announced an investment of US$ 60 million with The Abraaj Group (Abraaj) as a lead investor. This funding represents one of the largest investments in the region’s emerging technology sector and will be used to accelerate market expansion and innovation in Careem’s car service across its core markets in MENA, Pakistan and the wider region.

It marks the third round of fundraising by Careem and sees Abraaj join other leading investors including Al Tayyar, STC Ventures, Beco Capital, Impulse (a subsidiary of Kuwait Investment Authority), Lumia Capital and Wamda Capital. Al Tayyar remains the largest institutional investor in Careem. The Abraaj Group (“Abraaj”) is a leading private equity investor, purpose-built for operating in the growth markets of Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and Turkey. Employing over 300 people, Abraaj has over 20 offices spread across five regions with hubs in Dubai, Istanbul, Mexico City, Nairobi, and Singapore.

Problem Faced by Careem

The main problem faced by Careem Pakistan was the murder of their captains in the month of Feb and March 2018 which have created a lot of uncertainty in the mind of passengers and captains whether to avail or join careem or not. The detail of the cases of murders are as under;

Case No 1

22 years old Careem captain murdered during a robbery

A 22 year of age ‘captain’ of prominent ride-hailing administration Careem was discovered killed in the Lakho zone of Rawalpindi, police said on Tuesday. As per Naseerabad Station House Officer Chaudhry Akhtar, the casualty, Sajawal Ameer, had gotten a ride from meal lobby Dewan-e-Khas in Rawalpindi late on Monday night. The traveler had advised Ameer to take him to Lakho, an inadequately populated region, where he was trapped.

At the point when the chief opposed, the burglars shot him five times, harming him lethally. They carried off the chief’s money, cell phones, and auto. SHO Akhtar told media that since the region was disconnected, there were no onlookers to the wrongdoing. Police later found the auto Ameer was driving relinquished in Rawalpindi’s Chohar Chowk. ‘The police have acquired the call records of the perished commander and are near following the offenders,’ the authority said.

As indicated by police, the traveler may have been acting in conspiracy with the criminals. His call information record has additionally been secured. A first data report, with charges of burglary and murder included, has been held up, with the proprietor of the auto as the complainant. The body of the chief was given over to his family after a posthumous examination. This is the second such occurrence to have occurred in the twin urban communities in the previous three weeks. In a post to its Facebook page, Careem declared the commander’s end and communicated sorrow over the episode.

Case No 2

Islamabad Police captured a young fellow who professedly killed a Careem chief and grabbed his auto close G-13. Specialists said Attaullah, 25, endeavored to grab auto at gunpoint however started shooting when Junaid Mustafa, the 26-year-old casualty, attempted to stand up to.

Instructions the media looking into it on Saturday evening, police said Atta was the person who booked the taxi close Shaheen Chemist in F-11 Markaz at around 2:35 am on Thursday and advised the skipper to go to G-13.

When they achieved an administration street in G-13, Atta advised Junaid to get off. The speculate endeavored to compel the commander out of his vehicle however the chief opposed whereupon the presume opened fire and murdered him on the spot,” said SP-Investigation Sheik Zubair Ahmad.

Security protects who had heard the shots educated the police who when achieved the site discovered Mustafa lying in a pool of blood amidst the street.

He got three shots to his chest and left arm. The watch disclosed to them that an auto had dashed away after the shooting.

Above mentioned cases are the serious issues for the careem and for the reputation of the careem. 


These recent sudden incidents of murders push customers and captions in great confusion that there is no security of life. Careem is a famous ride-hailing service business but is failed in securing the trust of captains and customers.

So, the young captains start leaving the Careem job because of family pressure. Some only drive-in the morning then there are fewer captains at night because these customers face problems in finding a ride with Careem.

Many of the captains deny dropping at your house at night they drop customers at main. Captains get scared of this law and order situation in the country and because of this many of the protests held by the captains and demanding some security measures to protect from such events.

Corrective actions

To keep the customers and captains trust on Careem, they took immediate steps to take control of such a situation:

  • First, they called upon their loyal customers, captains and also invite personnel from law enforcement and security agencies and with the consensus of all the members they set some rules for the comfort of captains to avoid such events.
  • They asked their captains about the roads, routes, sectors that they feel are not safe, after detailed meetings they had consensus on this that after 7 P.M the service of Careem was unavailable on those roads and sectors. For example, Allah Ditta Road, almost every captain was afraid to go there even in the day time.
  • Careem gave an option to their captains that they can cancel or assign the ride where they don’t feel safe to go. Before those captains were fined on cancelation of an assigned ride. Some of the captains take it as an advantage and cancel the rides which are secure but are long distance. For example, the captain gets a ride for Bahria town from Bahria University but he re-assign it because of long-distance knowing that route is safe. So, on customers’ complaints, Careem changed its policy that captains can cancel five rides only after that they have to pay fine for cancelling on of each ride.


To have a long-term effect in controlling such situations. We have some suggestions:

  • They have to give a security option in their app so when the captain feels unsafe he can use that option so that Careem tracks the ride and inform security agencies.
  • Other than rating the comments section must be included in the Careem app through which customers and captains view the comments left by customers and captains to access the personality of a person.
  • On one CNIC only one account is permitted to both customers and captains.


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