Six Stages Conversion Rate Strategy to improve SEO

Six Stages Conversion Rate Strategy to improve SEO

The conversion rate strategy is based on the consumer’s purchase decision behavior, which is divided into six stages:

Stage 1: Cognitive issues

When consumers have doubts about certain issues, they will go to the Internet to seek answers. It is particularly important at this stage not to sell to them, but to provide answers that fit their questions.

For example, MarketingSkull provides a lot of free related online information to international small and medium-sized enterprises who want to become Amazon sellers in the United States. If they want to have a deeper understanding of how to enter the Amazon market, they can also go further in the service content or Make an appointment for a free consultation and fill in relevant information.

Stage 2: Collect information

In addition to physical books, the common way for people in the Internet world to collect unknown information is the Google search engine. In fact, 93% of users start with a search engine when they turn on their computer.

At this stage, consumers still have no plans to buy goods or services, and they don’t even know what problems they may have to seek assistance or where their problems lie, so providing relevant information or solutions at this stage is very important. important.

Here you can put long-tail keywords in article titles, website clips, or article keyword tags to ensure that the information you provide can be searched by potential customers. At this time, you can also further ask them to subscribe to the newsletter or try related products or services for free.

For example, Shopify, Volusion, Kissmetrics, and many other websites that provide online services have adopted the above-mentioned strategies to convert potential customers into long-term loyal users/readers, resulting in brand retention.

Stage 3: Evaluation of alternatives

Among the dazzling array of competitors, why do consumers choose your website and why should they buy your products? Why go to your website to get information? Why buys your service?

It’s because you provide content that they think is valuable in the corresponding time.

As mentioned above, if your website reads quickly, your products have a wide variety of products, you provide the most personalized recommendations, and the information value that allows consumers to quickly find the products they want or are seeking answers on your website , Then it will be why people choose you instead of your competitors.

For example, since the end of 2015, MarketingSkull began to provide many first-hand information about traditional Chinese digital marketing. In an era when no one was focused on how to do online marketing well, we provided many online marketing techniques and methods. Get the favor of many subscribers.

For example, before the rise of Pinkoi and Shopee, when people in Taiwan thought of online shopping, they might think of PChome for a similar reason. If you can be the first leader in the industry to make users “think of you when they think of…”, then you have succeeded!

Stage 4: Purchase decision

There are several factors that help consumers decide whether to purchase goods or services. According to research by keyword master Ted Nicolas, 73% of consumers make their buying decisions based on the title.

A good headline will bring you more website traffic just like the effect of a virus spread. The social media spread of “Eat Good Dao Xiang Bao” will also significantly affect the website’s ranking in search engines, which is similar in meaning with good copywriting, your products will be circulated on the Internet like a virus.

In this era of information explosion, people’s attention and time are very limited. If your headline is not compelling enough, people will scan it in a speed-reading way, without the urge to learn more.

Think about it carefully. In many online news, do you only look at the headlines and want to learn more about the news when you feel interested?

The influence and competitiveness brought by the title should not be underestimated, and after having a title that inspires people’s curiosity, there must be a corresponding introduction and content to allow people to further peruse the relevant information.

More importantly, don’t talk about what others have said, but have your own uniqueness. Unless you have new tricks and new perspectives, it will be difficult to establish a new market or loyal customers. That’s why You have to find your own uniqueness when positioning your brand.

Stage 5: Purchase behavior

At this stage, it is necessary to establish consumer trust in you, such as providing return guarantees, sharing your own successful cases or case studies, highlighting the advantages of your products or services and the benefits that consumers can obtain, so as to allow consumption The person turns wanting into action.

Stage 6: Evaluation after purchase

At this stage, you have successfully made consumers your customers and convinced them to buy your products, but what is more important than purchase is to track your after-sales service and consumer satisfaction.

If consumers are not 100% satisfied with the products or services they purchase, their dissatisfaction will be reflected in their behavior. For example, some people just consume impulsively and never use the product or service after buying it. Currently, you have to communicate with consumers to help them get fake benefits from the purchased product or service.

Regardless of whether consumers are satisfied during the shopping process, research surveys show that 53% of consumers share their experiences through social media or leave messages on many consumer platforms about their feelings after purchase.

This can increase the visibility of your website, quote the information you provide, and click on your link. The immediate effect will appear in the search engine rankings. There is a significant improvement. Of course, this must also rely on the optimization of off-site search (Off- page SEO), through the links of external websites, so that search engines can understand the popularity and category attributes of your website.

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