Solved Case Study: Work Life Balance at Baxter Answers

Solved Case Study: Work Life Balance at Baxter Answers

Solved Case Study: Work Life Balance at Baxter Answers

Solved Case Study: Work Life Balance at Baxter Answers
Solved Case Study: Work Life Balance at Baxter Answers

What role, if any, does work life balance play in the success of an organization? Explain.

Baxter International’s usage of work/life parity as a center worth is reflected in its corporate society. Since the association started concentrating on this worth, Baxter has accomplished its procuring focuses, and also benefit increments. The David Olson illustration exhibits a circumstance in which adaptable work courses of action effects a worker’s apparent fulfillment, hence enhancing representative maintenance. One could contend that enlistment was emphatically affected too, reflected in Baxter’s capacity to develop to 48,000 representatives amid the case’s time allotment.

How does diversity in an organization affect the organizational work/life balance? What ethical considerations exists that may drive the organization to be more work/life balanced?

 As talked about in the content segment concerning globalization, we realize that diverse societies have distinctive qualities, needs, desires, and so forth. For instance, a few societies have a more prominent accentuation on family obligations than others. Different samples of changes in the workforce include “nontraditional” meanings of the family and an expansion in single-parent gang. These diverse circumstances can prompt changes in what the workforce looks for, or even requires, from a business. These “new” circumstances oblige businesses to settle on choices that may not be plainly expressed in existing strategy. Associations, and even workers, might start to address whether it is “right” to require a representative to pick between a guardian’s chance with a youngster and additional time at work.

How can an organization develop a culture that supports work/life balance?

By being sensitive to the necessities of the organization’s workforce, an association can relocate to a society that backings these requirements while as yet finishing its objectives. Adaptability around work schedules is vital. Supporting “another” method for working that is not attached to customary everyday work hours, and perceiving a representative has an existence far from work, will add to a work/life adjusting society.

Since the way of life of an association streams from the top, exceedingly unmistakable pioneers, for example, the CEO in the Baxter case, set a sample that will be trailed by representatives. Without this illustration, it is exceptionally impossible that representatives will trust work/life parity is esteemed, paying little mind to what is incorporated into any arrangement articulations, preparing programs, or the like.

What role does human resource play in making sure work/life practices are effective?

 HR ought to offer the association some assistance with identifying the need to alter, make or dispose of work/life hones. This is done, to some degree, by ensuring HR administration comprehends the differing needs of the workforce. As needs be, HR additionally needs to guarantee any work/life rehearses stick to fitting laws, and additionally the moral guidelines of the organization. Some work/life practices might oblige changes to HR frameworks and approaches, for example, pay rehearses.

Take a look at the Baxter Website “Careers” section( What does Baxter do that seems to support the goal of work/life balance?

At the point when one takes a gander at the Careers area of the Baxter site, work/life equalization is a highlighted subject where a worker can find out about:

  • Baxter’s long history in the work/life stadium and additionally existing and new projects that bolster representatives.
  • The apparatuses accessible to help representatives and administrators in making community oriented and imaginative answers for work/life issues in the working environment.
  • Baxter’s way of life and execution on worker related supportability subjects, for example, pay and advantages, preparing and improvement, work/life parity and differing qualities.
  • Employee rights and obligations under the Family and Medical Leave Act.



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