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Murree Brewery Pricing Strategy | An Interview-Based Survey

Murree Brewery Pricing Strategy | An Interview with Marketing Manager

Introduction to Company Murree Brewery Co. Ltd was established in 1860. It’s the first modern beer breweries established in Asia. Its Alcoholic products were popular among British troops. Soon with the passage of time, brewery non-alcoholic products and beverages became popular. Currently, non-Muslims and foreigners are permitted to consume alcohol. The company continuously upgraded its …

Pricing strategy of General Tyre Pakistan


The General Tyre and Rubber Company of Pakistan Limited was established in 1963 on a 25-acre plot in Karachi Pakistan. Its production started in 1964. The Company was founded by General Tire International Corporation of the USA. With a complete capacity of only 120,000 Tires once a year. General Tyres has four market segments to …