Use of Traditional Marketing Tools in Micro-environment: Outfitters success story


Micro-environment: Consist of major actors behind the scenes. Marketing success requires building relationships with other company departments, suppliers, marketing intermediaries, competitors, various public and customers which combine to make up the company’s value delivery network

Outfitters have excelled in the coming years due to their success in the micro environment because the only thing that matters most to them is “Customer Value Preposition”. They usually invest a lot but they gain more value .

Outfitters in the light of micro environment:

The Company : Outfitters is the company where management takes other groups into account – groups such as top management , finance , research and development (R&D ), purchasing , operations and accounting .Outfitters in these departments is a big unit their top management is customer care free and financially they are strong that’s why they invest so much in making a product a success .Their (R&D) block is their back bone where as operations and accounting are working to the best. The Outfitters are only strong due to their company’s structure.

  • Suppliers:

The Suppliers of Outfitters are of great cost to the company itself because they form an important link in the company’s overall customer value delivery network .These Suppliers provide the resources needed by the company to produce its goods and services .The Supplier problem can affect marketing .Outfitters make sure there suppliers work in time they work on time to time bases and it has never lost customer value due to suppliers strikes or delays because their suppliers work on time and their devotion towards company.

  • Marketing Intermediaries:

The Intermediaries of Outfitters help the company promote, sell and distribute its products to final buyers, They Include:

  • Resellers:

Are distribution channel firms that help the company find customers or make sales to them. In case of Outfitters the resellers are doing very good job because the value that outfitters gain from the customers is of great amount because of reseller those who work behind the scenes these are basically wholesalers who buy and resell merchandise. Outfitters have partnered with some of the retail stores in Pakistan.

  • Physical distribution firms:

Help for the company stock and move goods .As Outfitters have physical distribution firms but they are not on front they work behind the scenes and distribute the stocks to different stores or chain of outfitters in Pakistan .The ratio of the work done by physical distribution firms for outfitters is tremendous it is about 70 to 80% that’s why outfitters is so successful brand in Pakistan.

  • Competitors:

Outfitters is successful brand and a successful brand have Competitors as well .The Competitors will provide great customer value in order to snatch the other companies customers .Outfitters have certain competitors in the market such as :

1: Khaddi: It’s the No 1 Competitor for Outfitters it has excel in last two years whereas Outfitters are focusing on the needs khaddi follows desires if what is to be worn it’s a win-win situation for both but now outfitters have the edge.

2:Breakout: Outfitters and Break out are not different from others but stone age in contrast follows the current fashion inns where as outfitters have been working on a whole and that’s why they have been gaining value and a strong value from their customers whereas in this case stone age has lost out to outfitters. Breakout  Success ratio in last two years is 70-85% and whereas outfitters is concerned its success ratio is 80-95% at each year’s end .

5: Public: The Outfitters micro environment also includes various public.The Outfitters public has an impact on an organisation ability .The outfitters main focus in public are in media they attract a lot of customers toward themselves by media .Social Network is their hand of tool in generating value from the customers they have no advertisement on T.V Or radio that’s why they are  successful ,they have banners when there is a sale in 7-8 miles of radius of the city ,Governmental , financially and locally are strong that’s why they are gaining nationwide response .

6: Customers: Outfitters are basically a customer value generating brand. They offer the best of fabric clothing and they are versatile they offer Men, Women and Children Clothing and accessories. In return they generate value in order to profit their brand and making the company a better place for fashion. They know how to generate value from the customers because they follow culture and that’s why they are successful.

Macro environment: Consist of actors which operate in a larger force that shape opportunities and pose threats to the company. The above Figure shows the six major forces in Outfitters macro environment:

Outfitters depend on macro environment because if they don’t follow its pattern then they would not be a brand that they are today.

1) Demographic:

If Outfitters was back in 1890’s and early 90’s the appeal at that time would be different because of generation gaps and needs and wants at different time. Outfitters is one of the brands in Pakistan which every year try to bring new things in stock because according to the modern market the fashion appeal rises day by day .Different clothing and different ideas .The Outfitters in coming years would be making new things .If we see a demographic difference between the brands the outfitters is a very different brand it follows the culture of all five provinces and bring into one idea that’s why they are so successful.

2) Economic:

Markets require buying power as well as people. Outfitters In the case of economic environment has a very precise measure such that their products can be bought by the elite class, Middle class and the one who are in between these two. It affects the brand in a lot of ways if three different classes can buy them there is a huge value in return for them that’s why they come up with the idea of seasonal sales. Which is an economic booster for the brand.

3) Natural:

The Outfitters clothing fabric is made in step by step manufacturing process .It is there policy that the use of animal skin or any other natural resource is forbidden that’s why it is made under high scrutiny and has a lot of appeal among customers.

4) Technology:

The use of technology is only among social media and factory for the outfitters. They use high

Machinery which was bought from UAE In somewhere 2011.Through social media they create awareness for new product which will be launching soon .Outfitters has benefit a great amount from the technology and technology has helped them in winning a huge value with appeal from the customers .

5) Culture:

Outfitters have followed the culture of world as well as culture of the country .The Outfitters have brought five cultures of five provinces of Pakistan in many ideas and launched so many clothing products that’s why they are successful in the clothing industry and have created an impact on culture of Pakistan and its fashion industry.


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