Visual Cognitive Psychology Impact on Consumers

As mentioned in the Six Principles of E-commerce Consumer Psychology, the overall design of the website will affect consumers’ purchasing decisions. The following will be divided into three parts to detail the impact of visual cognitive psychology on consumers:

 (1) Color

According to research, color is also an important part of brand value; and color psychology itself is a good marketing partner. It has a flower language like a flower, and color can also tell stories. Such as the brown series is an elegant image of stability, tranquility, peace, and kindness. Giving people a feeling of being easy to get along with; yellow symbolizes confidence, intelligence, and hope, and is often used in slogans. Which has a warning effect; green symbolizes freedom and peace, Fresh and comfortable, giving people an infinite sense of security.

Colors-Emotions Plutchik Wheel
Visual Cognitive Psychology Impact on Consumers
Visual Cognitive Psychology Impact on Consumers
(2) Call to Action

According to the results of the research, it is found that using the option of “adding to shopping cart” can make consumers feel more comfortable shopping and will not make them feel that they will be paid soon. Therefore, compared to using “Buy now!” “The slogan, “Add to shopping cart” has a better sales effect.

In addition, the above-mentioned colors are equally important in the design here. Is it clear and conspicuous? And what kind of textual narratives are used to convince people to buy your products. For example, “free trial” and “buy now” will give consumers an instant and strong contrast, which is easy for consumers “Oh~ of course I have to choose a free trial!”.

 (3) Product picture

Part of the upsell is also about the pictures provided to consumers, which must clearly show the product information and the appearance of the product that consumers expect to see. For example, consumers want to buy a pair of headphones, but the pictures presented are not only the headphones themselves, which will affect consumers’ perception of the website. This is why Amazon strictly regulates sellers’ specifications for posting product pictures (please refer to: Five things you should avoid) Amazon sellers often make mistakes).

It is also difficult for potential consumers to buy a product without seeing the picture. Therefore, clear product photos are needed to arouse consumers’ desire to shop. Therefore, the pictures in the website, whether it is the homepage or the icon of the product itself, are very important. For example, IKEA’s product catalog and website design exude a warm home feeling, which arouses consumers’ curiosity about the product.

Pictures can produce a strong emotional connection to consumers, just as colors have similar effects on consumers; therefore, it is necessary to use photos that truly represent products or services to narrow the distance with consumers in order to effectively increase the conversion rate.


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