What Makes Google Search Ads So Effective?

You can take your brand to the customer interest and desire stages in the buying process through Google Search Ads.

Google Search Ads are explained in a lot of material online. Despite that, marketers were unable to find much information about why Google Search Ads are effective. As a result, this post was written.

Imagine yourself searching for something on Google every time. 

Your curiosity has been piqued by something you’re interested in. We consider this the holy grail of marketing and sales since you have started thinking about your customers. Advertising (display ads, video ads, TV ads, direct mail, billboards) keeps trying to catch your eye.

Searching online already ignites your interest. Online searches are for that reason!

Paid Google Search Ads benefit from the data from our daily free Google searches, which are the basis for the model.

Some reasons why advertisers are so happy with paid Google Search:

Data from Google searches

Hubspot estimates that Google is searched 5.6 billion times per day. You can tell what you typed in your Google search bar because Google knows what you typed. Additionally, Google takes into account what exactly you are looking for based on your privacy settings.

You might find it lower on the page if you have a different search intent despite using the same words as the search for “Why are impressions free in Google AdWords” we found near the top of the organic results.

Google can guess if you are not searching for eyeglasses if you search for party supplies when you search for “glasses”. What you want to see should be reflected in the results. By constantly trying to understand your individual search intent, Google is able to offer you a pretty good picture of what you want.

What drives Google Organic Results? SEO or just good content?

Many queries used to be directed to Wikipedia some years ago. There was no attempt to do SEO by anyone who wrote for Wikipedia. Their explanations were simply based on their deep knowledge of the subject matter. Google leads the search engines by simply answering a searcher’s question correctly. With 16 years of blogging experience, we know it takes years to get on the first page of Google. Your answer must be the best one for the searcher. The key word here is years because search ads can appear on the same day or the next day as organic results!

Same-day Google Search Ads

  • Even a brand new website can appear in the search results on the same day. Due to Google’s belief that search ads address the search intent of the searcher, search ads appear just like organic results pages.
  • Ads that deliver comparable value to top organic results are the best Google search ads.
  • This is where Google’s big (huge!) data comes into play. As soon as you type a query, your search engine shows the best organic results.
  • You can choose your keywords and Google will show your ads (Impressions) for free based on the queries you selected (keywords). 
  • Google lowers your Quality Score if people don’t click on your keyword, and you get a lower AdRank as a result. Free impressions seem great, except when people don’t click on them, Google lowers your Quality Score.
  • The cost of running search ads becomes very high. A poor quality ad and landing page may prevent your ads from running if your competitors are also advertising against those keywords.
  • Ad auctions aren’t open to the public. You need to pay attention to your competitors’ ads because their ads address the searcher’s intent more effectively. It is possible that your ads would appear at the bottom of the page if they were to run. The Auction Insights report shows how competing advertisers are performing.

Your target market should be very clear to you. The value you provide the searcher through your brand. When a buyer has advanced in their customer journey, search marketing is an affordable method of reaching them.

Then Google search ads may be right for your brand if you don’t have years to build SEO traffic and have some money to spend.


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